Faculty Book: Mary Ann Caws, editor

Mary Ann Caws, editor

(Phaidon Press, 2004; 304 pp.)

Surrealism is a survey of the twentieth century's longest-lasting and, arguably, most influential art movement. Championed and held together by AndrĂ© Breton for more than forty years, Surrealism was France's major avant-garde artistic tendency from 1924 onward, rapidly spreading around the globe to become an international phenomenon.  During World War II Surrealism's exiled artists and writers had a major impact on American art and were a primary influence for the Abstract Expressionist generation.  Caws is particularly qualified to write about the movement: she has translated many of Surrealism's major texts, and published extensively on Surrealist art and writings. Caws is a distinguished professor of English, French, and comparative literature at The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: DEC 1, 2001

Category: Comparative Literature | English | Faculty Books | French