Faculty Book: Nancy K. Miller

Nancy K. Miller

But Enough About Me: Why We Read Other People's Lives
(Columbia University Press, 2002; 145 pp.)

book cover image Miller, distinguished professor of English and comparative literature at The Graduate Center, has carved out a distinctive niche with her books of personal criticism, this time mixing memoir with a group portrait of a generation of literary women who grew up in an age of profound social change. But Enough About Me tells the story of a girl who matured in the 1950s, got lost in the 1960s, and became a feminist critic in the 1970s. But it becomes a "transpersonal" memoir as it weaves in stories of other notable feminists of her age. Its stylistic blend of social criticism and deep anecdote, complemented by photographs that are by turns provocative and intimate, makes this a unique read: a candid autobiographical essay that is also a meditation on the social phenomenon of the "memoir" as genre.

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Submitted on: SEP 15, 2002

Category: Comparative Literature | English | Faculty Books