Faculty Book: Eugenia Paulicelli

Eugenia Paulicelli and Hazel Clark, eds.

The Fabric of Cultures. Fashion, Identity, Globalization
(Routledge: 2008)

The Fabric of Cultures examines the impact of fashion as a manufacturing industry and as a culture industry that shapes identities of nations and cities in a cross-cultural perspective and within a global framework. The collected essays look into local histories and industries and offer, for the first time, a wide spectrum of case studies which draw on primary sources and focus on a diversity of geographical spaces and places. The uniqueness of the study lies in the fact that it offers essays from all over the world, including the global capitals of fashion such as New York along with investigations into countries less known or identifiable for fashion such as contemporary Greece and Soviet Russia. Eugenia Paulicelli is a professor of Italian and comparative literature at Queens College and the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: OCT 16, 2008

Category: Comparative Literature | Faculty Books