Faculty Book: Mary Ann Caws

Mary Ann Caws

Tristan Tzara, Approximate Man and Other Writings(Black Widow Press, new edition, 2005)

bookcoverApproximate Man’ and Other Writings is the only English language source for Tzara's majestic and powerful epic poem “The Approximate Man.” This updated edition, translated and edited by renowned Dada/Surrealist scholar Mary Ann Caws, also contains an extensive collection of other writings by Tzara not often found in other English-language titles. Mary Ann Caws also provides an essay new to this edition that helps set the context of “Approximate Man.” Originally published in 1973, the book has continued to be one of the true Tzara English-language rarities. Mary Ann Caws is a distinguished professor of comparative literature, English, and French at The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: DEC 28, 2005

Category: Comparative Literature | English | French