Faculty Book: Caroline Rupprecht

Caroline Rupprecht
Asian Fusion: New Encounters in the Asian-German Avant-Garde
(Peter Lang Publishing, 2020)

Image of book: Asian FusionThis book contributes to a historically evolving conversation about immigration as a facet of globalization in the European context. Focusing on literary and artistic works from the post–World War II era, the author uses a call-and-response structure – as in African-American slave songs, Indian kirtans, and Jewish liturgy – to create a series of dialogues between Asian-German authors, including Yoko Tawada, Pham Thi Hoài, and Anna Kim, and an earlier generation of German-speaking authors and artists whose works engaged with Asia, including W. G. Sebald, Peter Weiss, and Joseph Beuys.

Considering the recent successes of the New Right, which have brought about a regression to Nazi anti-Semitic discourses grounded in the equation between Jews and "Orientals," the author advocates a need for solidarity between Germans and Asian-Germans. Using fusion as a metaphor, she revises the critical paradigms of Orientalism and postcolonial studies to show how, in the aftermath of the twelve-year Nazi dictatorship, Germany has successfully transformed itself into a country of immigration – in part due to the new and pioneering Asian-German voices that have reshaped the German-speaking cultural landscape and that are now, for the first time, featured as coming together in this book.

Rupprecht is a professor of comparative literature at Queens College and The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: JUL 30, 2020

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