Hopeful Finding for Protests: Racial Bias Declines During the Black Lives Matter Movement

 Black Lives Matter protest

Jeremy Sawyer (Ph.D. '17, Psychology) was recognized as one of "13 Scholars Shedding Light on the Roots of Racial Injustice" on CUNY Graduate Center's News. 

Jeremy's Study with Anup Gampa showed that the Black Lives Matter movement may have led to a decline in both implicit and explicit anti-Black racial bias. Anti-Black bias declined across the span of the movement from 2013-2016, and even more dramatically during its highest and most visible points of struggle. Moreover, reductions in bias were found across the political spectrum, including among conservatives, though bias reduction was larger among liberals.

You can find the published article in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin here.  

Submitted on: JUN 9, 2020

Category: Psychology