The Graduate Center Mourns the Passing of William E. Macaulay

The Graduate Center joins CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez and colleagues at Macaulay Honors College and throughout CUNY in mourning the loss of City College alumnus and generous benefactor William E. Macaulay, who passed away at the end of November.
In 2006, William and Linda Macaulay provided CUNY with an extraordinarily generous founding gift and new home for the Macaulay Honors College at CUNY, which has become one of the leading honors colleges in the country and has provided thousands of students with outstanding academic opportunities.
We offer our condolences to our colleague, Elizabeth Macaulay-Lewis, one of Macaulay’s two daughters, who is greatly appreciated as a Graduate Center professor and who serves with dedication and distinction as the head of the Graduate Center’s master’s program in liberal arts.
Ann Kirschner, former dean of Macaulay Honors College and now based at The Graduate Center, said: “Bill Macaulay shook the hand of every Macaulay Honors College graduate from 2007 to 2019. A boy from the Bronx, he lived the American dream and wanted it to come true for a new generation. To accomplish that, he had to be so much more than a financial benefactor, though we are grateful for that as well. He was a true friend and a mentor, who used his remarkable talents of analysis and strategy to advance the College’s progress. He came to understand the academic world nearly as well as he understood the complex energy business that he ran for decades  — and that is saying a lot. Bill’s legacy will be far-reaching, and it will include the success of the Macaulay students for whom he did so much.  We will miss his wit, his wisdom, and his kindness.”

Submitted on: DEC 2, 2019

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