Faculty Book: Mary Ann Caws

Mary Ann Caws, co-translator with Nancy Kline Earth
Absolute & Other Texts, by Lorand Gaspar
(Contra Mundum Press, 2015)

Born in 1925 in Transylvania into a Hungarian family, Lorand Gaspar grew up speaking Hungarian, Romanian, German and also French, which would become the language in which he wrote. Endowed with many gifts, all of which he grandly used, Gaspar is a surgeon, a poet, and a writer of scientific and lyric prose in addition to a translator of Spinoza, Rilke, Seferis and others. Sol Absolu et Autres Textes, edited and translated by Mary Ann Caws and Nancy Kline, contains abundant evidence of Gaspar’s gifts: an autobiographical essay, a reflection on scientific and medical matters, and poems from diverse periods and places.

Distinguished Professor Mary Ann Caws (English) teaches comparative literature, English, French, and Film Studies.

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Submitted on: OCT 28, 2015

Category: Comparative Literature | English | Faculty Books | French