Landmark Book by Virginia Valian Praised in Chronicle of Higher Ed

A groundbreaking 1998 publication by Distinguished Professor Virginia Valian (Hunter, Psychology) is praised in "What Book Changed Your Mind?," a recent Chronicle of Higher Education feature article.
The piece highlights Valian’s Why So Slow? The Advancement of Women (The MIT Press), a “dark and unassuming paperback” that resonated deeply with Tania Lombrozo, now an associate professor of psychology at the University of California at Berkeley.
“While [Why So Slow?] is now almost two decades old, the story Valian tells has been validated rather than challenged by subsequent research,” Lombrozo writes. “And the processes she documents aren’t restricted to bias against women — the same mechanisms can hinder social change for men (in parenting roles, for example). Additional implicit biases influence other stereotyped groups.”

Submitted on: NOV 24, 2014

Category: General GC News | Linguistics | Psychology | Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences