Faculty Book: Christina Tortora

Christina Tortora

A Comparative Grammar of Borgomanerese
(Oxford University Press, 2015)

This book presents and analyzes various features of the morphosyntax of Borgomanerese, a Gallo-Italic dialect spoken in the town of Borgomanero, in the Piedmont region of Northern Italy. The study is highly comparative, drawing on the literature on numerous other Italian dialects and Romance languages (as well as English), to inform an understanding of the Borgomanerese phenomena. Tortora takes the many unusual and understudied — and often novel — facts of Borgomanerese grammar as compelling grounds for revisiting and reformulating current analyses of syntactic phenomena in these other languages. Focal points include the syntax of interrogatives; clausal architecture; and the relationship between orthography and theoretical analysis. The principal value of the book lies both in the rich description of the morphosyntactic phenomena of Borgomanerese — many of which have not been previously reported — and in the consequent novel analyses developed. The findings offer insight for other languages and dialects, and advance understanding of syntax and syntactic theory in general.
Christina Tortora (Staten Island) serves on the doctoral faculty in Linguistics.

Submitted on: NOV 11, 2014

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