Faculty Book: Hermann Haller

Hermann W. Haller, ed.

John Florio: A Worlde of Wordes
(University of Toronto Press, 2013)
A Worlde of Wordes, the first-ever comprehensive Italian-English dictionary, was published in 1598 by John Florio. One of the most prominent linguists and educators in Elizabethan England, Florio was greatly responsible for the spreading of Italian letters and culture throughout educated English society. Especially important was Florio’s dictionary, which—thanks to its exuberant wealth of English definitions—made it initially possible for English readers to access Italy’s rich Renaissance literary and scientific culture. Haller has prepared the first critical edition of A Worlde of Wordes, which features 46,000 Italian entries—among them dialect forms, erotic terminology, colloquial phrases, and proverbs of the Italian language. He reveals Florio as a brilliant English translator and creative writer, as well as a grammarian and language teacher. Hermann W. Haller (Prof., Queens) serves on the doctoral faculty in comparative literature and French.

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Submitted on: MAR 27, 2013

Category: Comparative Literature | Faculty Books | French