Faculty Book: Julia Przybos

Julia Przybos

Les Aventures du corps masculin
(éditions Corti, 2012)

The male body, with all its appetites and agonies, fell out of favor in French literature in the “civilizing process” after the Middle Ages. In the nineteenth century, it resurfaced in innumerable novels and stories. In particular, the tribulations of the “virile machine”—rather than its smooth functioning—have inspired writers great and small, whether as an analogy for grand themes such as ambition and political struggle (as in Balzac and Zola), or more directly in tales of those for whom the relationship between sustenance and reproduction is out of equilibrium: chaste men of the church, inconsolable widowers, soldiers confined to the barracks. This book offers keys for understanding the ways this new literature, stimulated by the example of natural sciences, began to explore the bodily existence of man. In French. Julia Przybos serves as professor of comparative literature and French at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: NOV 19, 2012

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