Distinguished Professor Gerald Markowitz Elected to National Academy of Medicine

Distinguished Professor Gerald Markowitz (GC, John Jay/History) was elected as a member of the National Academy of Medicine, an honor that recognizes exceptional achievements and commitment to service.  

The National Academy of Medicine, an independent branch of the National Academy of Sciences, advises policymakers, professionals, and the public on critical medical and health issues.  

“As a historian, I feel incredibly honored to be recognized by the National Academy of Medicine,” Markowitz told CUNY, which published a press release on the announcement. “It is a recognition that the story of great doctors is not the whole story of medicine, and that the extraordinary contributions of people in the field are enhanced by the fact that workers and community activists have really pushed the medical professionals and the public health profession to recognize dangers that might have escaped their notice or not gotten the attention they deserve.”

Submitted on: OCT 17, 2017

Category: Faculty Activities | Faculty Awards | History