Martin Dale Ruck
Position: Professor
Programs: Urban Education | Psychology
Campus Affiliation: Graduate Center
Phone: 212-817-8705
Training Area: Human Development
Research Interests: Cognitive Socialization; Children's Rights; Urban education; Juvenile Offenders' Perceptions of the Youth Justice System.

Martin Ruck earned his Ph.D. in applied cognitive science from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. He is a widely published specialist in the overall process of cognitive socialization—at the intersection of race, ethnicity, and class—in terms of children’s and adolescents’ thinking about human rights, educational opportunity, and social justice. He has recently extended his work on young people’s perceptions of their rights to the UK and South Africa. Currently, he is investigating how children’s perceptions of social exclusion and discrimination are influenced by their social experiences and interpretations of rights and justice.
He has authored or coauthored numerous book chapters and articles, and his work has appeared in such journals as Applied Developmental Science, Child Development, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, Journal of Adolescence, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Early Adolescence, Journal of Research on Adolescence, Journal of Social Issues, and Journal of Youth and Adolescence. He serves on the editorial board for Child Development, Human Development, and the Journal of Social Issues.