Faculty Book: Katherine Manthorne

Katherine Manthorne
Restless Enterprise
(University of California Press, 2020)

image of book: Restless EnterpriseEliza Pratt Greatorex (1819–1897) was America’s most famous woman artist in the mid-19th century, but today she is all but forgotten. Beginning with her Irish roots, this biography brings her art and life back into focus. Breaking conventions for female artists at that time, Greatorex specialized in landscapes and streetscapes, traveling from the Hudson River to the Colorado Rockies and across Europe and North Africa. Her crowning achievement, a monumental tome of drawings and narratives titled Old New York, awakened the public to the destruction of the city’s architectural heritage during the post–Civil War era. Exploring Greatorex’s fierce ambition and creative path, Katherine Manthorne reveals how her success at forging an independent career in a male-dominated world shaped American gender politics, visual culture, and urban consciousness.

Manthorne is a professor of art history at The Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: DEC 14, 2020

Category: Art History | Faculty Books