Faculty Book: Susan Buck-Morss

Susan Buck-Morss
Revolution Today
(Haymarket Books, 2019)

image of book:Revolution TodaySusan Buck-Morss asks: What does revolution look like today? How will the idea of revolution survive the inadequacy of the formula, “progress = modernization through industrialization,” to which it has owed its political life?

Socialism plus computer technology, citizen resistance plus a global agenda of concerns, revolutionary commitment to practices that are socially experimental and inclusive of difference — these are new forces being mobilized to make another future possible.

In a moving account that includes over 100 photos and images, many in color, Revolution Today celebrates the new political subjects that are organizing thousands of grassroots movements to fight racial and gender violence, state-led terrorism, and capitalist exploitation of people and the planet worldwide.

Buck-Morss is a distinguished professor of political science.

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Submitted on: DEC 4, 2019

Category: Faculty Books | Political Science