Mike Wallace Featured in the 'Times,' 'Lopate,' 'Lehrer' for Publication of 'Greater Gotham '

"Greater Gotham" by Graduate Center Professor Mike WallaceDistinguished Professor Mike Wallace (GC/John Jay, History), founder of the Graduate Center’s Gotham Center for New York City History, was profiled in a New York Times article about the publication of Greater Gotham, the follow-up to Wallace’s Pulitzer Prize–winning Gotham.
The article, “Man of ‘Gotham’ Returns,” notes that the 1,400-page first volume was a critical and popular hit that was “instantly hailed as a definitive history.” The new volume “bristle[s] with a gripping narrative of the competing agendas” that defined the city for more than a century, Sam Roberts wrote in the Times.

“Producing both books (plus teaching and other projects) might have left another 75-year-old historian sapped and hoping for more laurels on which to rest,” Roberts wrote. “Instead, Mike Wallace is poised to complete Volumes III and IV.”
Wallace was also featured this week on the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC Radio in a segment about how New York became a modern city, and on the WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show in an interview about how zoning laws helped change the shape of the city.
Wallace will appear this Friday in “Greater Gotham: Mike Wallace in Conversation with Sam Roberts.” Reservations are required.


Submitted on: OCT 5, 2017

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