Faculty Book: Nico Israel

Nico Israel
Spirals: The Whirled Image in Twentieth-Century
Literature and Art

(Columbia University Press, 2015)
In his latest book, Nico Israel demonstrates how spirals are at the heart of the most significant literature and visual art of the twentieth century. Juxtaposing the work of writers and artists - including W. B. Yeats and Vladimir Tatlin, James Joyce and Marcel Duchamp, and Samuel Beckett and Robert Smithson - he argues that spirals provide a crucial frame for understanding the mutual involvement of modernity, history and geopolitics, complicating the spatiotemporal logic of literary and artistic genres and of scholarly disciplines.
Nico Israel (Hunter) is an associate professor of English at the Graduate Center.

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Submitted on: OCT 28, 2015

Category: English | Faculty Books