Advanced Research Collaborative  


Established in 2013, the Advanced Research Collaborative (ARC) extends the CUNY Graduate Center’s global reach and prominence as an international hub of advanced study. Through its fellowships, ARC embraces the vital work of eminent scholars both within and outside of CUNY. These scholars enter a stimulating interdisciplinary environment in which they conduct their own research, access the GC’s research centers and institutes, and collaborate with doctoral students and other leading scholars. ARC also offers support to Graduate Center doctoral students from a range of disciplines, providing a platform for them to independently share and debate their research interests and practices.

As an interdisciplinary space for collaboration, ARC currently focuses on the following four key areas of intellectual and public policy concerns: Immigration, Inequality, Multilingualism, and Global Cities.

  • GLOBAL CITIES: Critical issues facing large cities around the world and the role played therein by public, nonprofit, and business organizations.
  • INEQUALITY: Research on the structural foundations of increasing inequality across our society and ways to mobilize communities around various alternatives.
  • IMMIGRATION: Interdisciplinary research on the social, cultural, and political impacts of international migration, with special attention on the role of immigration in NYC and comparative studies on how immigration and ethnic diversity are experienced in different nations.
  • MULTILINGUALISM / TRANSLATION: Interdisciplinary research on complex social, cultural, and policy issues raised by multilingualism.
  • CRITICAL UNIVERSITY STUDIES: proposals that examine the role of higher education, especially public universities, at the intersection of issues of race, class, gender, culture, political economy, and politics. Please click here to learn more about this research area. 

In addition, ARC partners with the Graduate Center’s forty research centers, institutes, interdisciplinary committees, and other academic initiatives to promote interdisciplinary research.


Donald RobothamDon Robotham was appointed the Director of the Advanced Research Collaborative in 2012. As director, he has led the Advanced Research Collaborative in enhancing the interdisciplinary research culture at the Graduate Center and in raising the prominence of the Graduate Center as a globally recognized institution for research.
Professor Robotham joined the Graduate Center in 1999 as Professor of Anthropology, and has served as Executive Officer, Office of Educational Opportunity and Diversity Programs. Prior to joining the Graduate Center, he was Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean of the School for Graduate Studies and Research at the University of the West Indies and Deputy Regional Authorizing Officer, Caribbean Universities Level Program—a 21 million euro program to develop graduate education in English, Spanish and French across the Caribbean.
Photo credit: A. Poyo