Communicating Your Science: Simple Tools for Creating Sharable Science Videos

JAN 28, 2022 | 2:00 PM TO 3:00 PM





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January 28, 2022: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM




The Graduate Center/ASRC


Simple Tools for Creating Sharable Science Videos
A short, well-crafted video is an ideal tool for making science exciting, relatable and understandable for a variety of audiences. And, with a few simple tools and production tips, they can be easy to create. 
Join us on Friday, January 28th at 2 p.m. for our next edition of Communicating Your Science where we will explore how you can create short science videos that convey your research in clear and compelling ways without a lot of effort. Our In-house experts will cover:

  • Tips for shooting and editing videos on your phone.

  • How to use Canva to create and share science videos

  • Shooting, editing and sharing videos on TicToc.

  • General tips for sharing on social media.

There will be time for Q&A.


You can sign-up here for this month’s Communicating Your Science event.

Check out the new Graduate Center Science Communications Academy webpage, where you can learn about our events and access science communications training tools.