Uprisings and Aftermath: Human Rights in Syria, Libya, and Egypt

FEB 05, 2014 | 6:30 PM TO 8:30 PM



The Graduate Center
365 Fifth Avenue




February 05, 2014: 6:30 PM-8:30 PM





MEMEAC co-sponsor: CCNY Human Rights Forum


The uprisings in six countries in the Arab world generated tremendous optimism about a future for the Middle East that would include democratically elected governments committed to respecting the human rights of their citizens. Now, three years after the “Arab Spring” began, the situation looks dire, with the region still gripped by chaos and civil wars. Reporting back from her most recent trip to Egypt, Libya, and Syria (November 2013), Sara Leah Whitson will assess the human rights climate in each of these countries, and reflect on the immediate outcome of their revolutions.
Sarah Leah Whitson, director of Human Rights Watch's Middle East and North Africa Division, is a general expert on Middle East and North Africa issues. She has led landmark investigations of human rights conditions in Libya and Saudi Arabia and numerous advocacy missions in the region, and overseen over 20 research missions and edited the resulting reports. She has published articles on the Middle East in international and regional publications. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard Law School. Whitson is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Prof. Schwedler will be the discussant.
Jillian Schwedler is a professor of political science at Hunter College and the Graduate Center, CUNY. She specializes on Middle Eastern Politics and Political Islam. Prof. Schwedler’s most recent articles are “Islamists in Power? Inclusion, Moderation, and the Arab Uprisings?” Middle East Development Journal  (April 2013) and “The Political Geography of Protest in Neoliberal Jordan?” Middle East Critique (December 2012). Her books include Policing and Prisons in the Middle East with Laleh Khalili; Understanding the Contemporary Middle East with Deborah J. Gerner, and Faith in Moderation: Islamist Parties in Jordan and Yemen.