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  • This Protein Acts Like a Traffic Cop in the Brain

    ASRC scientists uncover the role of the protein PRMT5 in the survival and generation of the myelin-forming cells in the brain. Read more

  • A New Way to Peer Inside Proteins to See How They Are Wired

    The discovery by researchers at The Graduate Center's Advanced Science Research Center could help scientists develop methods for switching on or off specific proteins associated with diabetes and other diseases.  Read more

  • Two Mellon/ACLS Public Fellows Are GC Grads

    Elizabeth Berkowitz (Ph.D. ’18, Art History) and Michael L. Miller (Ph.D. ’17, Political Science) earned the prestigious fellowship.  Read more

  • Academic Year End

    One of our key goals as a school, expressed in our Strategic Plan, is broadening our impact by teaching new subjects and attracting new, diverse kinds of students in master’s degree programs and new non-degree programs. Read more

  • ‘Leave … With a Glimmer of Subdued Arrogance’

    The Graduate Center recognized 420 doctoral candidates and 127 master’s candidates at a commencement marked by humor and gravitas. Read more

  • Congratulations to the GC’s 2018 Mellon/ACLS Fellows

    Four Graduate Center Ph.D. students won this prestigious fellowship, which supports the completion of their dissertation. Read more

  • Tragic Passing of Professor Young Kun Kim

    We at The Graduate Center are deeply saddened by the tragic passing of Professor Young Kun Kim. Read more

  • Scam Journals

    The challenges presented by quasi- or non-academic publications that lack rigorous peer review are increasing.  At first glance, this phenomenon may mean little to us here at the Graduate Center, which is fortunate to have more than its share of faculty who set the standard rather than seek to meet it. However, in addition to exacerbating a cultural crisis in which preferred ideas are treated as facts and facts are disregarded, predatory publishers and conference organizers pose a particular danger to emerging scholars -- our students. Read more

  • The Thought Project - Episode 17 - Interview with Provost Joy Connolly

    Joy Connolly is senior vice president, provost, and distinguished professor of classics at The Graduate Center. Read more

  • Changes in Student Affairs

    I’m happy to share an announcement of changes in the Office of Student Affairs. Warm congratulations are in order for Elise Perram, new Director of Student Affairs and Scott Voorhees, now Associate Director of Student Affairs. 

    We are very fortunate to also have two new staff members joining the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs, both of whom are proud products of the City University of New York. Read more