Welcome - Fall 2017

I am delighted to welcome everyone, faculty and students, to the fall semester, with a particular nod to the new students who are joining us for the first time at the Graduate Center. It is very good to see you all.  I hope you had a rewarding and restorative summer.

As you enter the building, you will notice the impressively restored and beautifully mounted casts of the Parthenon frieze adorning the lobby and library.  They came to us at no cost from City College, which acquired them as teaching aids in the nineteenth century in order to give their students access to artworks previously easily seen or visited only by the wealthy and well-off.  Their arrival inaugurates a year of notable exhibits and performances in the gallery and other spaces around the building, as we move to make the arts more visible in our everyday lives at the GC.

To students with loved ones affected by Hurricane Harvey, please let us know if there is anything the Graduate Center can do to help you manage your studies as you cope with the effects of the storm.

There is much to say about the awful events in Charlottesville.  For now, I will make just two comments.  First, every single member of the GC community is welcome, always.  Our diversity of origins, background, perspective, goals, and values broadens our understanding, enriches our research, and propels our discoveries.  Second, we are privileged to work and study at CUNY, an institution committed to advancing the public good.  We have -- and I know we will take -- every opportunity we possibly can to advance the public good through our research, teaching and mentoring, activism, public speaking and writing, or some mix of these – regardless of our fields of study.

I wish everyone a wonderful year.

Submitted on: SEP 1, 2017

Category: Provost's Office