Hurricane Irma - Barbuda

I am sorry to inform you that Hurricane Irma has destroyed the Barbuda Archaeological Research Center (BARC), led by Dr. Sophia Perdikaris. Though I am relieved no Graduate Center staff or faculty were among those killed and injured, I am deeply concerned because many of the friends and colleagues who worked with them and maintained the field station on the island remain unaccounted for. I know we all hope emergency services locate everyone and they are all as unharmed as is possible in a disaster of this magnitude.

The Barbuda Council in collaboration with the City University of New York (CUNY), the Graduate Center, Brooklyn College, the Global Human Ecodynamics Alliance (GHEA), and the Human Ecodynamics Research Center (HERC) founded BARC in 2011. The intent is to serve the dual purpose of maintaining a multidisciplinary research station on Barbuda and ensuring community relevance and ownership of all research conducted there.

Our thoughts are with the loved ones of those killed in this storm and the over half of the 1600 inhabitants of the tiny island believed to be homeless. As was intended, researchers became part of the community on Barbuda. I know they are all in mourning. Dr. Perdikaris will travel to Barbuda on September 20 if it is possible to land a plane. I thank her for her continued commitment to Barbuda and this important project.

Submitted on: SEP 7, 2017

Category: Provost's Office