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The proposed federal tax plan has serious implications for our student community. As proposed, there would be federal taxes on tuition waivers, which would create a financial burden on graduate students here at the GC and across the country.  The proposal also includes measures that would saddle college undergraduates with even heavier debt.  

Higher education councils and university presidents are speaking out. I will update you on relevant CUNY activity – and I know some programs here at the GC are already responding.  For now, I share the following points and links from Suzanne Ortega, the President of the Council of Graduate Schools.

1.    Educate your colleagues, and your federal and state policymakers, about the broad impacts of the proposed tax reforms on students and universities. CGS has collaborated with ACE and other higher education associations on this succinct information page[] on Tax Reform and Higher Education.

2.    Make these impacts more concrete by sharing CGS’s resource on Tax Reform Examples[], which describes how tax liabilities would impact individual students in a variety of situations.

3.    Encourage graduate students to join you in your advocacy efforts. Support them as they explain in their own words how changes in the tax code would affect them and their families.

4.    Consider using examples from CGS’s GradImpact Gallery[] to explain how graduate education improves the lives of all Americans, not just graduate degree holders. Consider submitting your own story to CGS if you have not already done so.

5.    Work with your government relations representative so that they have the information they need to make the case for graduate students and graduate education. If your institution is compiling infographics and/or resources, please send them to us to use through the CGS social media channels. (Example[])

Submitted on: NOV 10, 2017

Category: Provost's Office