Assessment and Evaluation

At the Graduate Center, assessment occurs at every level, from the course level, to the program level, to the institutional level. At the course and program level, student learning is assessed through course and milestone evaluations (i.e., the first- and second-level exam, the dissertation process, advising and mentoring). Additionally, every 10 years academic programs undergo an external review which evaluates how well the program has implemented changes from the last review, and what needs remain. Framing this work is institutional assessment, in the form of regular strategic plan assessment and Middle States reaccreditation every 8 years. Individual administrative offices also evaluate their practices as part of Administrative, Educational, and Support assessment.

More details about each of these assessment processes can be found below. 

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Assessment
Academic Program Review
Course Evaluations
Administrative and Educational Support (AES) Assessment
Strategic Plan Assessment
Middle States Accreditation