CUNY’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct

The Graduate Center - Office of the President

September 27, 2018
To: Graduate Center Campus Community
From: President Chase F. Robinson
Re: CUNY’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct

On June 25, 2018, the CUNY Board of Trustees adopted a revised policy on sexual misconduct based on recent amendments to New York State and federal law. CUNY Policy 7.142 applies to CUNY students, employees and visitors, and covers conduct both on and off CUNY property. The policy provides an informative description of our responsibility as a community to eradicate harassment and discrimination in the academic environment. A copy of the policy can be found here: 
I take this opportunity to remind everyone of the Graduate Center’s obligation, under federal statutes and New York’s Enough is Enough law, to ensure that no individual is subjected to gender or sexual discrimination or harassment in the context of any Center program or activity. Unacceptable behavior can span a spectrum of conduct, from obsessive demands for attention, to cyber stalking, suggestive or demeaning comments, to sexual violence or unwanted physical contact of any sort. Discrimination can take verbal, nonverbal or physical form. Unwelcome conduct, dating or domestic violence, stalking and other adverse behaviors rooted in sexual harassment or gender distain, creates an environment which, when severe or pervasive, can limit or interfere with one’s ability to participate in educational activities or perform his or her duties.
The following Graduate Center officials remain available to respond to allegations of any such misconduct. They will take prompt steps to investigate the situation and are empowered to take a variety of steps to address conditions of harassment, discrimination and/or violence:

  • Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator — Edith Rivera, Rm. 7301, 212-817-7410
  • Campus Director of Public Safety — John Flaherty, Rm. 9117, 212-817-7761
  • Vice President for Student Affairs — Matthew Schoengood, Rm. 7301, 212-817-7400
  • Executive Director of Human Resources — David Boxill, Rm. 8403.04, 212-817-7700 

The Graduate Center continues to take steps to ensure that management and supervisory staff are trained and able to respond to complaints of unacceptable behavior that may occur on campus or during GC-sponsored functions or activities. Further details are available online.
CUNY’s Policy on Sexual Misconduct, the Student Bill of Rights and Responsible Employees FAQs, along with information about bystander intervention, available resources, the meaning of ‘consent’ and what to do if you experience or observe unacceptable behavior can be found on the Graduate Center’s dedicated Title IX Awareness website at:  Do take the time to visit.  

Submitted on: SEP 27, 2018

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