Doctoral Levels

Level I — Students who have completed fewer than 45 credits of graduate work (including approved transfer credit) or who have not passed the First Examination. At Level I only, students who are New York State residents and enrolled on a part-time basis (total of credits and weighted instructional units or WIUs do not exceed 6) are billed on a per-credit basis. In addition, at Level I, both full-time and part-time out-of-state and international students are billed at the per-credit rate for all credits/WIUs.
Note: For billing purposes, courses taken by Level I students on an audit basis will be treated the same as courses taken for credit and will be included in the assessment of tuition charges.

Level II — From the semester following the completion of 45 credits (fully earned and evaluated and including approved transfer credits) and passing of the First Examination, to advancement to candidacy.

Level III — From the semester following advancement to candidacy. Level III students registering for courses for credit other than 90000 will be charged additional tuition on a percredit basis. Level III students do not incur additional tuition charges for courses audited.