Mailing Center Policy and Procedures

Due to high volume mailings and being labels are affixed manually whenever possible we would prefer to print directly onto the material (envelope, flyer, GSUC etc.). This will allow us to expedite your job in a timely fashion. Please follow the procedures below when requesting a job for the Mailing Center/Labeling System.

• You must fill out a Mailing Center request form which is available in the Mailing Center
• When requesting a mailing job, please allow lead-time, especially on dated material (Keep in mind that lead time is necessary because after Mailing Center and Mailroom processing, bulk mail takes 3-4 weeks for delivery)
• The Mailing Center has a minimum and maximum amount of labels that it can process by hand. The minimum being 250 and the maximum being 1000 labels per job. If you have a labeling job which consists of more than 1000 labels you must provide staff to assist in processing your job.
• All labels must be in zip code order for bulk mailings.
• If you provide an Excel or Access file of your addresses, the mailing center could convert those files into our Pitney Bowes Printer Format and print those addresses directly on the material (envelope, flyer, GSUC etc.) that you provide and there would be no minimum or maximum amount because that process is automated.

It is important to keep us apprised of changes in your discipline’s faculty home and office addresses. Periodically, a report will be sent to all disciplines for review. When sending address corrections, please indicate whether the address is an addition, a deletion, or a correction. Each discipline can make the corrections on the report using the following format:

A – An addition to their faculty listing
C – A change in the name or address
D – A deletion

All Mailing Center jobs should be sent to Christian Capelli in room Z37.