Procedure for Property Removal Pass

The purpose of this procedure is to define the policies for the removal of non-networked equipment from The Graduate Center.

Non-networked equipment includes: laptop computers, tablets, cell phones, cameras and any other property (e.g. instruments, boxes of books/files/personal items).

The removal of networked equipment, desktop computers, desktop and networked printers is prohibited as the configuration of the hardware and software may not work outside of The Graduate Center's domain/network. If there are questions about the removal of a specific type of computer equipment from The Graduate Center, please contact IT Services via email at to confirm whether or not the computer equipment will work and can be supported in an off-campus environment.

The removal of any non-networked equipment from the building requires a Property Removal Pass. The procedure for obtaining a Property Removal Pass is outlined below:

1. The Department Head or his/her designee sends an email or memo to notifying the Property Management Office (PMO) that Graduate Center equipment will be taken off campus. The email or memo should include the following:

a. Description of the equipment (Example: Computer, Printer).

b. Manufacturer (Example: Dell, Apple).

c. Model Number (Example: Model: Optiplex 755). Model numbers are located in different places on equipment; however, you can locate the model number by finding the designation “Model” before the number.

d. Serial Number (Example: S/N: 223476, Service Tag). A serial number is usually located on the back or bottom of equipment. However, different manufactures place them elsewhere. Therefore, you can identify the serial number by looking for the designation “S/N” or the word “serial” or “service tag” before a number.

e. CUNY barcode tag number. This is a white sticker that is placed on equipment by the PMO. On the top of the sticker it has CUNY written in black letters and underneath that are barcodes. Below the barcodes is a number that starts with “GRA” for Graduate Center, followed by numbers. (Example: GRA-0025043).

2. The Heads of Department or his/her designee must visit the PMO, Room 8105.06, to sign the Property Removal Pass. (Important Note: Only the Heads of Departments, Academic Offices, and Heads of Centers and Institutes are authorized to approve equipment being taken off campus and are ultimately responsible and accountable for that equipment). Off campus and at home equipment must be verified during the annual inventory and upon return to The Graduate Center it must be in good condition.

3. A PMO staff member will then sign the Property Removal Pass and remove the top copy of the pass. The remaining copies will be given to the Department Head. The Department Head will retain a copy for his/her records and give the remaining copies to the person authorized to remove the equipment.

4. Security will open, inspect and verify the contents of all unsealed boxes and packages. If a package must be sealed, the package along with the signed property removal pass must be taken to the Mailroom. The contents will be verified, the package will be sealed and the property pass will be signed by Mailroom personnel.

5. When the Bearer exits the building, Security signs the Property Removal Pass and returns the remaining copies to Property Management.

Complete a Property Removal Pass form when sending equipment out for repairs.