MLA Honors Professor Reid-Pharr’s 'Archives of Flesh'

Book cover of 'Archives of Flesh' by Graduate Center Professor Robert Reid-PharrThe Modern Language Association has awarded Distinguished Professor Robert Reid-Pharr (English) its William Sanders Scarborough Honorable Mention for his book, Archives of Flesh: African America, Spain, and Post-Humanist Critique (NYU Press, 2016)
Lauding it as “a brilliant, riveting, gorgeous book,” the MLA described it as a “stunning new model for both African diaspora and comparative cultural studies.” The citation praised the breadth of the research, noting the “wide array of unexpected sources that span two continents — the writing of Langston Hughes, the visual art of Pablo Picasso, the intimate correspondences of Chester Himes, the poetry of Federico García Lorca, and the plays of Lynn Nottage — [as] Reid-Pharr uncovers a long-standing critical, political, and aesthetic engagement between African America and Spain.”
Reid-Pharr confessed that, “I really wasn't aware of just how much engagement between African American and Spanish culture had taken place during the period between the Spanish American War and the mid-1950s until I began to really get my hands dirty with the archival materials.” 
Reid-Pharr has written widely on African American intellectual and cultural history. In 2016 he was named a Guggenheim Fellow in the field of Literary Criticism.
Reid-Pharr is also the director of the GC’s Institute for Research on the African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Submitted on: DEC 22, 2017

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