Student Tablet Request

We understand that during this accelerated transition to Distance Education, many of you have inquired about the possibility to receive loaner devices in order to enable you to complete the coursework online as required by your instructors.

The GC is planning to loan a limited supply of Chromebooks and/or iPads for currently enrolled students who are in critical need of these devices in order to complete their Spring 2020 classes online. We have a limited number of Chromebooks/iPads to loan to students in need on a first-come-first-served basis.

In order to borrow a Chromebook/iPad you must meet all of the following criteria: 

  • Be registered for Spring 2020 classes with no registration holds on your record.
  • Be able to show a GC ID if you will be picking up a Chromebook/iPad.

* All fields are required.

Enrollment Status:

Tablet Preference:

Note that you may not receive your tablet of preference. It will be based on supply.


I understand that I am responsible for the safe and timely return of the computer loaner device to the IT office. If loss, damage, or late fees are incurred, I understand that I am responsible for all applicable charges:

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