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  • Suspicious donation activity reported

    You may see donation requests that you don’t recognize asking for money in the wake of a different cause. Verify all charities on the IRS tax exemption site. Visit the Fraud Support Cybercrime Charity Imposter Scams for warning signs and action steps after donating to a fraudulent charity.

    Please remain vigilant and report any fraudulent or phishing emails to

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  • Please be aware of a scam targeting private tutors!

    You may be contacted by a scammer who saw your name on the Graduate Center website or another website such as Craigslist.
    Often seen at the beginning and end of academic terms, the "tutor scam" is an example of targeted social engineering that tries to establish a relationship to gain your trust and could lead to an advance payment/fake check con.

    Characteristics of Tutor Scams:
    -You receive an email or text from someone who does not live locally; often, they claim to live in Europe.
    -They have a child or niece or nephew who will be in your area temporarily and who needs to be tutored for a short time, such as a few weeks.
    -They want to pay you in advance for the entire block of tutoring time.
    -They typically use a common Anglo-sounding name (Smith, Wilson, etc.), but their grammar, spelling, and punctuation are inadequate, as from a non-English speaker.
    -There may be several rounds of email or texting between you and the scammer, and you may even speak with them on the phone.

    Please remain vigilant, now more than ever, and report any fraudulent or phishing emails to

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  • Scheduled Maintenance - Workstations Restart

    What? The IT Department will be performing maintenance on all Windows 10 workstations at the Graduate Center location.
    When? Every Thursday morning at 2:30 am starting December 3rd.
    Who? Anyone who uses workstation at the Graduate Center 365 5th Avenue location.

    Please be aware that on December 3rd Graduate Center IT Team will conduct a scheduled restart of all workstations on an ongoing schedule. The outage is expected to last from 2:30 am until 3 am.
    Services impacted:  The Graduate Center Windows 10 workstations. (Please save all the open documents on your desktop)
    What is not impacted? Mac computers.
    Questions? For more information, please contact the IT Service Desk by emailing or calling 212-817-7300.
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  • Request a Tablet for Distance Learning

    The Graduate Center is committed to supporting you through the rapid transition to distance learning. Read more

  • GC IT Remote Work Guidance

    In the event that routine work or academic functions are disrupted due to prolonged campus or building closures, you may find it necessary to work from off campus. We provide a variety of services to connect you with colleagues remotely so that work can continue uninterrupted.

    In preparation, you should make sure you have tested your access to the following equipment at home:
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