Human Subjects Research Protection Program (HRPP)



  • If you have a new application to submit that is federally funded, please alert your Sponsored Program Officer and me as soon as possible so we may prioritize review of this study.
  • Consider the studies you have in draft mode at this time. Now is a time to delineate how you will plan to collect data in the near term versus the future once restrictions are lifted.
  • For initial applications, organize your project plans in phases that can be conducted remotely and without in-person interaction. The exact time/month that will be reasonable to resume normal in-person visits is unknown. You’ll need to be flexible right now.
  • Remember that if you need to revise your currently approved research design for existing projects to include online/phone/remote study visits and activities submit amendments via Ideate.
Above all else, safety and maintaining social distancing are the priorities right now. It’s strongly recommended by our school and the federal regulatory officials to cease in-person study activities that do not offer direct therapeutic benefit to subjects.

The CUNY Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is responsible for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research projects conducted at CUNY or by CUNY faculty, staff and students and RF CUNY staff. The program provides oversight, administrative support and educational training to ensure that CUNY research complies with federal and State regulations, university policy and the highest ethical standards. The CUNY HRPP comprises of 3 University Integrated Institutional Review Boards (IRBs); 2 convened and 1 expedited panel; and 21 on-site HRPP offices. For more information about the CUNY Human Research Protection Program, please click here. 

CUNY IRB review is required when ALL of the following criteria are met:

1. The investigator is conducting research or a clinical investigation;
2. The proposed research or clinical investigation involves human subjects; AND
3. CUNY is engaged in the research or clinical investigation involving human subjects.

Rebecca Banchik

Director of the Human Research Protection Program
The Graduate Center
Room 3300.28

Phone 212-817-7525