Transit Administrative Fees

As you may know, effective March 2020, Edenred Benefits Solution became the new Commuter Benefit vendor for CUNY, replacing WageWorks. If you had an account with WageWorks and had a balance on your account, you were informed to exhaust your WageWorks balance prior to using your Edendred funds.  If you have not, you may see two administrative fee deductions during the month of May 2020, one for WageWorks and one for Edenred as noted below. Please note that commuter benefit administrative fees are charged on a lag.  

Please review the schedule of administrative fees below for the previous and upcoming pay dates:‚Äč

Plan Option WageWorks Fee
(last deduction 5/7/2020)
Edenred Fee
(first deduction 5/21/2020)
Commuter Card Admin Fee $1.77 $1.25
Transit Pass/Access-A-Ride Admin Fee $3.05 $2.05
Park-N-Ride Admin Fee $3.05 $2.05

Please note there will be two admin fees in May 2020:
  1. WageWorks’ funding activity during the period of 3/11/2020 – 4/30/202, which was deducted on the 5/7/2020 check and
  2. Edenred’s funding activity 3/12/2020 – 4/11/2020, which will be deducted on the 5/21/2020 check.  

Going forward, Edenred's administrative fee deductions will be reflected on the first paycheck of every month.  

Please contact the Office of Human Resources Office @ should you have questions or concerns on this matter.

Submitted on: MAY 18, 2020

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