GC Hosts Inaugural 'Crossing Bridges' Career Session

The GC’s Office of Human Resources and the Office of Planning and Professional Development recently hosted an inaugural information session for a new program, “Crossing Bridges: Putting Your Ph.D. to Work in University Administration.”
The May session, which drew approximately 30 students from disciplines ranging from anthropology to theater, was designed to offer students more insight into the career potential of their degrees.
“Whether serving as an academic, a senior CUNY administrator, a consultant, or even a combination of the three, our administrators gave students a look into their professional journeys,” said Ella Kiselyuk (pictured), Executive Director of Human Resources, who organized the session with Jenny Furlong, Director of the Office of Career Planning and Professional Development.
The CUNY administrators discussed translatable skills that students acquire through their course work, such as “an acute attention to detail, and the ability to analyze and synthesize data derived from statistical analysis,” Kiselyuk said.

The "Crossing Bridges" shadowing program has been driven by an initiative to expose students to employment opportunities in higher education. The intent of the shadowing program is to complement GC scholars’ academic studies with hands-on experience, examining senior administrators’ essential roles and functions.

The goal is to provide scholars the opportunity to witness real-time application of theoretical practice in relation to their discipline.
The Office of Human Resources and the Office of Planning and Professional Development plan to hold another information session in September, with details to be posted later this summer.  
For more information about the sessions, contact HR’s Christopher Jaggon at cjaggon@gc.cuny.edu.

Submitted on: JUN 22, 2015

Category: General GC News | Human Resources