Planning Process & Timeline

The Graduate Center follows an incremental budget process. This process affords us the predictability of baseline budget allocations and the flexibility to adapt our budget plans in the face of unanticipated cuts or changes in CUNY priorities.

The Graduate Center Budget Office oversees our annual tax-levy operating budget and develops the annual GC budget request in collaboration with GC senior management. All of the following must be taken into account each year:

  • Institutional priorities as set forth in the Graduate Center’s strategic plan
  • Consultations with campus leaders
  • Academic Report and Requests (ARR) provided by the academic units
  • City, state, and federal mandates
  • Contractual requirements for personnel
  • Annual financial aid commitments

Budget Planning Timeline

‚ÄčThe Graduate Center plans its budget within the New York State and CUNY budget planning cycles.


CUNY submits annual budget request to New York State.


NYS budget is announced and negotiations begin.

In January, the governor issues the executive budget for all state agencies including SUNY and CUNY.

The state legislature holds public hearings on the proposed budget and negotiates with the governor’s office.


GC budget planning begins at unit level.
NYS budget is finalized.

GC departments begin discussing unit-level budgetary needs and goals for the upcoming academic year in the context of the GC strategic plan.

The state of New York finalizes its budget by April 1. CUNY is notified of the systemwide budget allocation soon afterward, and subsequently finalizes allocations to individual campuses.


GC budget allocation announced by CUNY.
Unit requests are reviewed and allocations are finalized.

Campuses are notified by CUNY’s budget office about their allocation in late May or early June.

Academic program requests are articulated in the Academic Report and Requests (ARR) and submitted to the provost in spring, for review in early summer. Every attempt is made to respond to programs as soon as possible, and no later than October 1.  
Administrative departments such as IT submit requests to the relevant vice president, with decisions made according to institutional priorities, as dictated by the strategic plan.

The VPs then review institutional priorities along with departmental budget requests and make adjustments as needed to properly allocate available funds granted by the state and CUNY Central.

In August, the Budget Office notifies individual departments of their budget allocations, and OTPS allocations are then loaded into CUNYFirst to process expenditures.


Budget allocations are adjusted as needed.

The Budget Office monitors additional allocations received periodically via Budget Certificates.