Sustainability Initiatives


Who We Are
The Graduate Center Sustainability Council was establishd to guide and coordinate the Graduate Center's efforts to become "greener" and engage in more sustainable practices.  A diverse group representing our student, faculty and staff, the Council meets and focuses on the following areas of concern...
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Our Challenges
The Graduate Center Sustainability Council was formed in response to the mayor's administration's "30 in 10" Challenge, which has inspired nine New York Universities, including all CUNY schools, to pledge to reduce their greenhouse emissions by 30% within 10 years.

Sustainability @ GC

Sustainable Computing
One of the simplest ways to achieve energy savings on desktops and monitors is to turn them off (or even use the sleep or hibernation feature) in the evenings. Screen savers do not conserve energy.

Turn off office lights when leaving a room
Turning the lights off when you are not in the room is one of the simplest ways you can reduce your greenhouse emissions.

Paper and Printing
The reduction of paper usage within your department is always the first and foremost strategy. Departments can reduce paper use through double sided printing and margin reduction. Choose online documents rather than printed. File emails in Outlook rather than printing them out.