Business Cards

Faculty and Staff

  • Faculty/staff seeking business cards should complete the Business Card Request Form
  • EO/Center Director/Office Director should be made aware of the request by the faculty/staff member.
  • A proof will be returned to the faculty/staff member via email. If acceptable, the faculty/staff member should approve the proof via email. If changes are required, faculty/staff member can provide C&M with edit requests.
  • Once proof is approved, C&M will deliver the file to the Graphic Arts print shop. The business cards are then delivered to the faculty/staff member.
  • Any applicable charges ($10.00/box) will be charged to the program/center/office.


  • Students seeking business cards should provide their Associate Program Officer* (APO) with the following information, and ask their APO to fill out the Business Card Request Form on their behalf. 
    • Name as it should appear on card
    • Doctoral/Master's program
    • GC telephone number
    • GC email address
  • A digital proof will be returned to the APO for review. If acceptable, APO should approve proof via email. If changes are required, APO should provide edit requests.  
  • Students must pay $17/box for printing costs at the bursar's window. Receipt must be delivered to Room 8302 to the attention of Donald Cherry or Morgan Doneger.
  • Once C&M receives the receipt, the order will be placed. Allow five business days to print. Business cards will be delivered to the student's program office. 

* If program does not have an APO, requests should be made by the program's Director.