Admission Requirements


Admission Requirements

Scholastic Requirements

Depending upon the intended doctoral program, an applicant must have earned a bachelor’s from an accredited institution whose requirements for the degree are substantially equivalent to those of the City University. In addition, the applicant must complete the prerequisites specified by the program, submit evidence that he or she shows promise of ability to carry out research, and be approved by the admissions committee of the program in which he or she intends to specialize.

Requirements for International Students

Graduates of foreign colleges and universities who meet the standards of admission equivalent to those described above may be considered for admission to the City University’s doctoral programs. The applicant must present authoritative evidence of sufficient competence in the English language to pursue a regular course of study at the City University. An applicant who has not received a degree from a college or university located in the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia or New Zealand must take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), administered internationally by Educational Testing Service, and request ETS to report examination results directly to the Admissions Office, the City University Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016. Inquiries concerning this examination may be made to: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Box 6151, Princeton, NJ 08540, U.S.A. or to most American embassies and consulates.

A student residing alone in New York City should have about $30,000 for the year to cover tuition, books, room, board, and personal expenses.

University assistance for which international students are eligible to compete is extremely limited and may not be adequate to fund the student’s total expenses. Before receiving a visa for entrance into the United States, students must certify (documentary evidence is required) that they are financially able to support themselves for the entire period of their stay in the United States while pursuing a full course of study.

Transfer of Credit

A maximum of 30 acceptable graduate credits taken prior to admission to the doctoral program at the City University may be applied toward the degree provided the courses were completed with a grade of B or higher within an appropriate period preceding the time of application and are equivalent to comparable courses at the City University. In the case of master’s programs, a total of 12 credits may be approved for transfer. Exceptions to the above regulations may be considered under special circumstances. An evaluation of previously earned credits may be made before the end of the student’s first year in residence by the student’s program.

Application Process

The City University of New York Graduate Center application process is self-managed. Responsibility for gathering required documents rests with the applicant. The applicant (this includes students who are attending or have attended a college of the City University) then must submit the official transcripts (in their original sealed envelopes), signature page and any additional supporting items as a package to Admissions.  Letters of recommendation are to be submitted through the online recommendation system within the online application. 

The applicant must submit the following material to Admissions, the Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016:

  1. Application form, which is available online.

  2. Two letters of recommendation from faculty members personally acquainted with the applicant’s academic achievement.  (The email address of your recommenders will be requested as part of the online application form.)

  3. An official transcript must be submitted from each college or university attended even if you did not complete a degree or did not enroll in courses in your field. No original documents will be returned.  Do not open any of the envelopes when they are returned to you from the registrar of your previously attended colleges and universities. The official transcripts should then be submitted unopened, with the other supporting materials, to the Graduate Center in a single large envelope. Clearly list your name and your intended program of study on the outside of the large envelope. International applicants must submit original unopened documents for all postsecondary studies. The documents must be issued directly by the postsecondary institution even if they are in a language other than English. Additionally, all international documents that are not issued in English must also be accompanied by a second set of documents with certified English translations. Note: You must comply with the policy of each institution regarding transcript release regulations and fees.

  4. Scores for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) General Test and, where applicable, for the subject test in the area of intended study. 
    *The Ph.D. Program in Business, accepts the Graduate Management Admissions Test in lieu of the GRE.
    **The Ph.D Program in Social Welfare and the Masters Program in Liberal Studies (MALS) do not require a GRE.

    Arrangements should be made to register for tests well before the administration dates. For information, call 1.800.GRE.CALL. Official GRE scores must be reported to the CUNY Graduate Center — ETS College Code 2113.

Financial Assistance

A student wishing to apply for financial assistance should refer to the financial assistance section.

Admission Deadlines

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