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Marvin's Tip Sheet

September 13, 2016

Simon McBurney and the British Complicite company are returning to New York with a new production, The Encounter, which begins previews at the Golden Theatre Sept. 20th.  thru November.  Discount tix for orchestra $75 for first two weeks, then $99, (mezzanine $69 both periods with code ENBOXC707).  252 West 45 St. Tel. 212-947-8844.


Two rarely performed religious pieces from early twentieth century France are being revived by the Storm Theatre under the title Divine Comedy. They are Proper Merimee’s The Coach of the Holy Sacrament (1927) and Henri Brochet’s St. Felix and His Potatoes (1917).  Sept. 30th thru Oct. 22nd. Tix $18. 440 Grand St.  Tel. 212-866-4444.


The newest play by Adam Bock, A Life, directed by Anne Kauffman, will be presented at Playwrights Horizons Sept. 30th thru Nov. 13th. Tix.  $59.  416 West 42. Tel. 212-279-4200.


The International Susan Glaspell Society is presenting a reading of Glaspell’s best-known play, Trifles at the Metropolitan Playhouse  on Tuesday, October 4th.  Reservation forms are on the Metropolitan’s website.  220 East 4th St.  Further information, tel. 212-995-8410.


The York Theatre Company, specializing in New York musical revival, opens the season with a new musical, How to Be an American, with political songs from the beginning of the last century.  Sept. 17th-25th. Tix $45.  St. Peter’s. 54St at Lexington. Tel. 212-935-5820.


The Rough Magic Theatre Company from Ireland is presenting Sonya Kelley’s How to Keep an Alien, a comedy about bureaucracy and unconventional marriage at the Irish Arts Center thru Oct. 1st.  Tix $40. 553 West 51 St.  Tel. 866-811-4111.


Eager to see George A. Bush finally put on trial? You can actually participate in this experience at the Lion Theatre Sept. 17th thru Oct. 15th in Richard Tarlow’s The Trial of an American President, a courtroom drama for which 8 jurors will be chosen each night from the audience. Tix $51, reduced to $33 with code TRTOAPTM33. 410 West 42 St.  Tel. 212-947-8844.


Aizzah Fatima’s critically acclaimed one-woman show, Dirty Paki Lingerie is running at Urban Stages thru Sept. 25th as part of the Lady Liberty Theatre Festival. 259 West 30th St. Tix $30, students $15. Tel. 800-838-3006.


The Onassis Cultural Center is presenting a four day free festival exploring contemporary interpretations of the Antigone story Oct. 13th-16th. There are only a few actual theatre events, but a wide range of related exhibitions and lectures. For schedule and details, go to[]


The 1866 The Black Crook, New York’s first great musical spectacle, will be performed in a more modest fashion in the Underground theatre at the Abrons Arts Center Sept. 17th thru Oct. 7th. Tix $25.  466 Grand Street. Tel. 212-352-3101.


The Wooster Group visiting artists program is presenting Winsome Brown in Hit the Body Alarm  Sept. 20th thru Oct. 2nd.  Two original jail monologues are bookended by Milton’s Paradise Lost.  Tix $18.  33 Wooster Street. Tel. 212-966-9796. 


Two one-acts by Tennessee Williams, 27 Wagons Full of Cotton and Kingdom of Earth will be presented at St. Luke’s Theatre Sept. 16th-30th.  Tix $59.50 discounted to $35 with code TWGEN35.  308 West 46 St.  Tel. 212-239-6200.


Thirty years after his Mahabharata was presented at the Brooklyn Academy, Peter Brook returns to the theatre with what BAM calls a “breathtaking distillation” of that production, or what I might characterize as Mahabharata Lite. Sept. 28th thru Oct. 9th  Tix $40 to $110.  BAM Harvey, 651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Tel. 718-636-4100.


A new musical by Michael Scouros and Brena Bell, Frankenstein, will be offered by Be Bold! At the Players Theatre, Sept. 23rd thru Nov. 13th.  Tix $42 and $52. 115 Macdougal St.  Tel. 866-811-4111.


Dead Shot Mary, a new play based on the career of Mary Shanley, a pioneer for females in law enforcement in the 1930s is being offered by the Bridge Theatre thru Oct. 15th. Tix $35, discounted to $25 with code JIGS. 244 West 54 St. Tel. 212-888-4444.


The Gingold Theatrical Group continues its multi-year Project Shaw of monthly readings from Shaw and Shaw contemporaries with H.G. Barker’s Farewell to the Theatre on Sept. 19th and Shaw’s On the Rocks Oct. 24th.  Tix $35.  Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway at 95 St. Tel. 212-864-5400.


Woman’s Project Theatre launches its season with a darkly comic take on eating disorders, Stuffed by Lisa  Lampanelli.  Sept. 23rd thru Nov. 6th.  Tix. $45-$95.  McGinn/Cazele theatre, 2162 Broadway, Tel. 212-765-1706