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Developmental Psychology Faculty

Arievitch, Igor
Methods of Developmental Teaching and Learning; Factors and Components of Educability
Berger, Sarah
Cognitive Development in Infants and Toddlers; Motor Development in Infants and Toddlers
Brooks, Patricia
Language Development; Psycholinguistics
Crossman, Angela
Deception in Children; Child Witness (Developmental Psychology)
Daiute, Colette
Social, cognitive, and emotion development among children, youth and adults in Challenging Contexts, Including War, Post-War Transitions, Situations of extreme/increasing resource inequality, and Under-Funded Urban Schools; Narrative Inquiry; Uses of Verbal, Nonverbal, and Technology for Development; Adolescent and young adult social development in relation to contemporary globalization challenges and opportunities; Programs and institutions designed to support human developm
Devenny, Darlynne
Individual Differences Over the Life Span; Relationship of timing of Development Events to Developmental Plasticity; Atypical Infant Development
Drake, Jennifer
Drawing and Emotion regulation; cognitive and perceptual skills in artists and artistically gifted children; aesthetic judgments; drawing and STEM learning
Flores, Roseanne L.
Human Development; Cognition language and development
Gillespie-Lynch, Kristen
Autism; symbol formation; communicative gestures; comparative psychology
Glick, Joseph
Culture/Development; Environment
Karasik, Lana
Bidirectional effects of infant-mother interaction; within and cross-cultural studies of infants and mothers; perceptual-motor and social-cognitive development in infancy
McDonough, Laraine
Concept development, memory, categorization, language acquisition (English and Korean), nonverbal thought, memory and aging.
Niwa, Erika Y.
How cultural context, especially ethnicity and race, shapes the social, emotional, and cognitive development of ethnically diverse youth and adolescents
Pipe, Margaret-Ellen
Investigative Interviewing of Children; Memory Development
Ruck, Martin
Cognitive socialization at the intersection of race, ethnicity and social class; Children’s evaluations of social exclusion and intergroup relations; Children’s perceptions of human rights and social justice; Urban education; Youth civic engagement
Saltzstein, Herbert
Moral development and culture; children’s eyewitness testimony, parent-child relations across cultures
Shane, Jacob
Lifespan Development, Motivation, Opportunity, Perceived Control
Stetsenko, Anna
Cultural-historical and activity theory perspectives on the development of self, cognition, and gender; learning and development.
Vianna, Eduardo
Vietze, Deborah
Understanding and preventing racism and prejudice; cultural and ethnic identity; romantic experiences of young women; Service: Promoting the health and welfare of children and youth; Teaching and mentoring: Engaging students in diverse processes to strengthen the skills required to engage in scientific and logical scholarship that promotes their professional goals.
Wagner, Jennifer
Cognitive Development, Infancy, Social and Emotional Development, Numerical Cognition, Eye-tracking, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience

Colette Daiute , Training Area Coordinator.