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Clinical Psychology @ John Jay College Faculty


Clinical Psychology @ John Jay College Faculty

Core Faculty

Maureen Allwood
Child and Adolescent Trauma Including PTSD; Services for Minority, Refugee and Immigrant Youth

Cynthia Calkins
Sexual violence policy and prevention

Preeti Chuahan
Neighborhood risk factors and crime, victimization and substance use; Race/ethnic disparities; and Policing

Miriam Ehrensaft
Developmental Psychology; Family Violence Prevention

Diana Falkenbach

William H. Gottdiener
Psychotherapeutic Treatments for Severe Psychopathology; Underlying Psychological Processes Involved in Comorbid Substance Use Disorders and PTSD

Elizabeth Jeglic
Suicidal Behavior; Treatment of Sex Offenders

Kevin Nadal
Counseling; Multicultural Issues

Chitra Raghavan
The keywords need to be updated. Please use these: intimate partner violence, sexual assault, gender and cultural dynamics

Rebecca Weiss
Evaluating the effect of culture and language on measures of feigning in bilingual and monolingual Spanish-speaking samples

Evaluating the effect of culture and language on measures of feigning in bilingual and monolingual Spanish-speaking samples - See more at:

Cathy Spatz Widom
Longterm Consequence of Child Abuse and Neglect; Crime and Violence, Psychopathy and Sex Roles

Peggilee Wupperman
Psychotherapy development and evaluation, mindfulness, emotion regulation

Philip T. Yanos
Stigma and its impact on people with severe mental illness; the impact of housing and neighborhood factors on the community functioning of people with severe mental illness

Patricia A. Zapf
Clinical Forensic Psychology – Evaluation of Criminal Competencies (waive Miranda, plead guilty, confess, stand trial, be sentenced, be executed); Evaluation of Criminal Responsibility (Insanity); Forensic Assessment; Professional Training in Forensic Psychology; Online Learning

Associated Faculty

Michael Chajewski

Angela M. Crossman
Deception in Children; Child Witness (Developmental Psychology)

Mark R. Fondacaro
Juvenile Law, Law & Neuroscience, Criminal Responsibility, Procedural Justice, and Evidence-Based Reforms of the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

Michele Galietta
Treatment of violence, self-harm and suicide in correctional, forensic & civil settings, stalking and interpersonal violence, palliative care in correctional settings, treatment of psychopathy, training and supervision

Jillian Grose-Fifer
Developmental cognitive neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience of memory and decision making, neural correlates of psychopathy

Maria Hartwig
Deception, Deception Making; Interviews/ Interrogations

Matthew B. Johnson
Mental Status Related Defenses; Family Court Consultation

Saul Kassin
False Confessions and Interrogations

Ali Khadivi
Forensic Assessment; Clinical

Margaret Bull Kovera
Psychology and Law; Social Psychology of Eyewitness Identification; Jury Decision Making

L. Thomas Kucharski
Mental Health and Law

Keith A. Markus
Causation, Causal Inference and Causal Modeling; Test Validity

Maureen O’Connor
Psychology and Law; Gender

Steven Penrod
Eyewitness Reliability; Jury Decision Making

Louis Schlesinger
Sexual Homicide; Extraordinary Crimes

Andrew A. Shiva
Psychological Assessment instruments and Quality Assurance research

Charles Stone

Other Contributors

Philip Erdberg

John Greenwood

Justin Storbeck
Affective valence and cognition