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Clinical Psychology @ City College Faculty

Anglin, Deidre
Social epidemiology of clinical psychosis and the psychotic spectrum; Psychiatric misdiagnosis among African Americans; Stigma of mental illness and mental health service utilization; Racial discrimination
Diamond, Diana
Manualized Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders (Borderline and Narcissistic Disorder); Attachment and Sexuality
Fertuck, Eric
Cognitive neuroscience of social psychopathology
Fraenkel, Peter
Family therapy, family psychology, how families cope with time pressures; work/family balance; prevention of marital disorder.
Harris, Benjamin
Child Psychopathology and Treatment, Supervision & Consultation; Community Psychology; ADHD; Adolescent development; Role of colleagues in clinical training
Hien, Denise
Integrating Developmental, Affective and Cognitive Neuroscience Perspectives on Traumatic Stress, Psychotherapy Research for Trauma-Related Disorders and Addiction; Ethnic and Cultural Factors in the Treatment Process, Maternal Aggression and Its Impact Upon Adverse Child Outcomes
Jurist, Elliot
Psychoanalytic Theory; Theories of Affect and Affect Regulation; Ethics; Substance Abuse; History of Psychology and Philosophy
O'Neill, Sarah
Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD); physical exercise
Punales Morejon, Diana
Clinical expirience in the areas of: multicultural/Latino psychology; Women's issues; imigration and acculturation; severe psychopathology and medical illness
Rosario, Margaret
Identity Development and Stress on Health Disparities; Gender and Sexual Orientation
Rudenstine, Sasha
Manifestation of psychopathology over the life course, psychological repercussion of cumulative trauma, patterns of psychiatric symptomatology, and how to apply a life course framework to clinical interventions.
Tuber, Steven
Psychodynamic assessment and treatment. I am also studying the progression of medical students through an investigation of the interplay between empathy, grit and tolerance for ambiguity as they progress as students.
Wachtel, Paul
Integration of psychodynamic and behavioral approaches to therapy; social and interpersonal anxiety; applications of psychodynamic thought to social issues; the psychology of money and materialism.
Weinstein, Lissa
Psychoanalysis; Language; Learning Disabilities and Assessment Film and Literary Studies

Faculty Emeritus

Slade, Arietta
Mother-Child Attachment, The Development of the Parent-Child Relationship and Early Symbol Formation

Associated Faculty

Akinsulure-Smith, Adeyinka
Experiences of forced migrants; Impact of torture, human right abuses, armed conflict and displacement; vicarious trauma in service providers; HIV/AIDS risk and preventiative factors among African immigrants; and multicultural issues
Greenwood, John D.
History of Psychology, Social Psychology, Moral Psychology; Philosophy of Social and Psychological Science
Milstein, Glen
Culture and health; Religion and Mental Health; Immigration & Psychological Resillience