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Clinical Psychology @ City College Faculty

Akinsulure-Smith, Adeyinka
Experiences of forced migrants; Impact of torture, human right abuses, armed conflict and displacement; vicarious trauma in service providers; HIV/AIDS risk and preventiative factors among African immigrants; and multicultural issues
Anglin, Deidre
Racial Disparities in Mental Health Treatment-Seeking; Impact of Early Childhood Risk Factors for the Expression of Psychotic Symptoms over the Lifecourse. Social epidemiology of psychosis and the psychotic spectrum; misdiagnosis among African Americans; stigma of mental illness and mental health service utilization.
Diamond, Diana
Manualized Treatment of Severe Personality Disorders (Borderline and Narcissistic Disorder); Attachment and Sexuality
Fertuck, Eric
Cognitive neuroscience of social psychopathology
Fraenkel, Peter
Family therapy, family psychology, how families cope with time pressures; work/family balance; prevention of marital disorder.
Franklin, Anderson j.
Resilience and psychological well-being of African Americans
Greenwood, John D.
History of Psychology, Social Psychology, Moral Psychology; Philosophy of Social and Psychological Science
Hien, Denise
Integrating Psychodynamic, Neurodevelopmental and Cognitive Perspectives on Traumatic Stress, Trauma-Related Disorders and Addiction; Ethnic and Cultural Factors in the Treatment Process, Maternal Aggression and Its Impact Upon Adverse Child Outcomes
Jurist, Elliot
Psychoanalytic Theory; Theories of Affect and Affect Regulation; Ethics; Substance Abuse; History of Psychology and Philosophy
Milstein, Glen
Culture and health; Religion and Mental Health; Immigration & Psychological Resillience
Punales Morejon, Diana
Clinical expirience in the areas of: multicultural/Latino psychology; Women's issues; imigration and acculturation; severe psychopathology and medical illness
Rosario, Margaret
Identity Development and Stress on Health Disparities; Gender and Sexual Orientation
Ruglass, Lesia
Assesment and integrated Treatment of PTSD and Substance Use Disorders; Attentional bias and addictions; racial/ethnic disparities in health, mental health, and academic achievement; HIV/AIDs prevention in racial/ethnic minority communities
Slade, Arietta
Mother-Child Attachment, The Development of the Parent-Child Relationship and Early Symbol Formation
Tuber, Steven
Psychodynamic Assessment and Treatment
Wachtel, Paul
Integration of psychodynamic and behavioral approaches to therapy; social and interpersonal anxiety; applications of psychodynamic thought to social issues; the psychology of money and materialism.
Weinstein, Lissa
Psychoanalysis; Language; Learning Disabilities and Assessment Film and Literary Studies

Faculty Emeritus

Franklin, Anderson j.
Resilience and psychological well-being of African Americans

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