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Altenstetter, Christa
comparative public policy, health policy, policy-making in the European Union
Andreopoulos, Professor George
International security, international human rights and international humanitarian law issues
Baver, Sherrie
Latin America, Caribbean politics, environmental policy
Beinart, Peter
Boudreau, Vincent
Vincent, contentious politics, state repression, regime transitions, Southeast Asia
Bowman, John
political economy of advanced industrial economies, labor politics, welfare states
Braveboy-Wagner, Jacqueline
Foreign policy, diplomacy and development, particularly with respect to small states (and specifically Caribbean states) as well as the nations of the global south in general, Caribbean & Latin America, small state
Buck-Morss, Susan
cultural studies, visual theory, globalization
Cohen, Mitchell
European political thought
Colburn, Forrest
Latin America, developing nations, revolution
Cole, Alyson
feminist theory, politics of identity, American politics and culture
Cronin, Bruce
international relations theory, international law,international organization
DiGaetano, Alan
public policy, comparative urbanism
Erickson, Kenneth
Latin America, social movements, drug and environmental policy
Goering, John
housing and neighborhood development, race and ethnic issues, urban policy
Golob, Stephanie
political economy of development, democratization, transitional justice, Latin America, Spain
Gornick, Janet
public policy, gender - comparative social welfare policy, variation across the industrialized countries and throughout the U.S. states. Much of her work considers the effects of social policy on women's status in the labor market and on the economic well-being of families.
Gould, Carol
democratic theory, human rights, international ethics, feminist theory, social theory
Halper, Thomas
American politics, constitutional law
Jacobs, Jack
history of political thought, Marxism, critical theory
Jenkins, Robert
politics and political economy of India, international and comparative politics of development, post-conflict reconstruction
Jones, David
American politics, the U.S. Congress, and methodology, political behavior, legislative politics
Karapin, Roger
environmental policy and environmental sustainability, Western Europe, U.S., environmental policy, immigration policy, social/political movements
Kim, Young Kun
history of Western political thought with emphasis on German political ideas since the eighteenth century, classical Chinese philosophy, and modern Chinese, Japanese, and Korean social and political thought
Kirchheimer, Donna
public policy
Lane, Frederick S.
Levine, James
public policy, law, criminal justice
Liberman, Peter
Markovitz, Irving Leonard
theories of globalization, democratization, modernization, and political change
Mehta, Uday Singh
liberalism, post-colonial theory, globalization
Mollenkopf, John
urban politics, public policy, comparative urbanism
O'Brien, Ruth
American political development, social movements, intersectionality and identity politics, and American political thought/theory
Petchesky, Rosalind Pollack
feminist theory, international relations, human rights
Piven, Frances Fox
political movements, electoral politics, the welfare state
Polsky, Andrew
American politics, government and American political development
Renshon, Stanley
political psychology, American politics, political behavior
Rich, Andrew
Robin, Corey
Modern liberalism and conservatism, fear, repression, the state, constitutionalism, and pluralism
Rollins, Joe
public law, gender and sexuality, and research methods
Schwedler, Jillian
contentious politics, political geography, political Islam, neoliberalism, Middle East
Sherrill, Kenneth
American politics, public opinion, gay & lesbian politics
Sun, Yan
China: domestic and international politics, political corruption, ethnic politics
Tien, Charles
American politics, congress, quantitative research methods, representation of minorities and women in the U.S. Congress
Ungar, Mark
Latin America, security and judicial reform, violence, human rights, international and comparative criminology
Van Ryzin, Gregg
Wallach, John R.
political ethics, democratic theory, human rights, history of political theory, ancient Greek political thought
Waxman, Dov
International Relations and Middle East politics, especially concerning Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Weiss, Thomas G.
international organizations
Wolin, Richard
The Frankfurt School, modern French and German political thought, contemporary European politics
Woodward, Susan
civil war, post-conflict policies (peacekeeping, peacebuilding, statebuilding), international intervention, post-socialist transitions, the Balkans
Displaying results 1-50 (of 51)
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