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Oganesyan, Vadim
Theoretical condensed matter physics; magnetism, superconductivity, far out of equilibrium dynamics.
Orland, Peter
Ossola, Giovanni
Owens, Frank
Paglione, Timothy A.D.
Microwave spectroscopy of interstellar molecular clouds, gamma-ray emission from starburst galaxies
Petricevic, Vladimir
Poje, Andrew C.
Polychronakos, Alexios P.
Integrable models and many-body systems, noncommutative field theory
Popp, James L.
Punnoose, Alexander
Ren, Yuhang
Rice, Emily
Astrophysics and Astronomy
Riedo, Elisa
Nanometer scale mechanical, chemical and physical properties of materials and Liquid-Solid Interfaces. The focus is to understand and design structure-chemistry-function at the nanoscale.
Sahni, Viraht
Sandeman, Karl
Phase transitions and their applications, magnetic materials, solid-state cooling.
Sarachik, Myriam P.
Schaefer, Tobias
Schmeltzer, David
Topological insulators; topological superconductors; odd viscosity for superconductors; boundary problems- violation of the continuity equation for topological materials; photoemission for TI.
Schreiber, William
Schwartz, Brian B.
Schwarz, Steven A.
Shabani, Javad J. S.
Mesoscopic and nanoscale physics with emphasis on low dimensional semiconductors, topological states of matter in interfaces and hybrid superconductor-semiconductor systems, control and manipulation of spin in quantum devices with focus on new materials/device development
Shattuck, Mark D.
Soft matter, granular materials, acoustic meta-materials.
Shen, Aidong
Molecular beam epitaxy, compound semicoductor materials, quantum structures and nanostructures, photonic devices, infrared technology.
Shum, Kai
CsSnI3 related material synthesis, characterization, device applications including solar cells.
Stark, Ruth E.
Steinberg, Richard N.
Physics education research
Suarez, Sophia N.
Takei, So
Hard condensed matter physics and spintronics.
Tamargo, Maria C.
MBE Growth: 2D systems; II-VI Materials and quantum coscade devices, Topological Insulators; Type-II quantum dots, solar cells.
Tesdall, Allen M.
Tiburzi, Brian C.
Tomkiewicz, Micha
Tu, Jiufeng J.
Magneto-spectroscopy, Superconductivity, Magneto-Spectroscopy Studies of Quantum Systems under Extreme Conditions. Large part of the work will be carried out at the new National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS-II) at Brookhaven National Lab.
Tung, Raymond T.
Vazquez-Poritz, Justin F.
Vitkalov, Sergey A.
Vukadinovic, Jesenko
Vuong, Luat
Photonics/plasmonics, nonlinear dynamics/pattern formation, nanofluids.
Yuce, Huseyin
Zaitsev, Alexandre M.
Displaying results 101-141 (of 141)
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