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Holden, Todd M.
Howard, Armando M.
Jalilian-Marian, Jamal
High energy physics
Jang, Seogjoo
Theoretical and computational chemistry - physical chemistry, photonics, and nanoscience.
Kabat, Daniel N.
High-energy physics, especially string theory, with applications to gravity cosmology
Kaku, Michio
Theoretical physics, string field theory
Karabali, Dimitra
Nonperturbative aspects of gauge theories, matrix models, noncommutative field theories, higher dimensional quantum Hall systems
Kezerashvili, Roman
Theoretical nuclear physics, few body system and condensed matter theory
Khanikaev , Alexander B.
Photonics, optical nanosturctures, metamaterials
Kheyfits, Alexander I.
Complex analysis, potential theory
Khuri, Ramzi R.
Black holes, solitons and duality in string theory
Kobrak, Mark N.
Koder, Ronald L.
Experimental biological physics; de novo biomimetic design of proteins
Koplik, Joel
Soft condensed matter, fluid dynamics, statistical mechanics.
Krusin-Elbaum, Lia
Physics of complex nanostructured materials; strong electron correlations; quantum phase transitions; superconductivity
Kuklov, Anatoly
Quantum phase transitions in superconductors and trapped ultracold atoms, exotic phases of matter, Monte Carlo simulations of atomic lattice systems, and Supersolids
Kuskovsky, Igor L.
Fabrication and characterization of itermidiate band solar cells; growth of type-II quantum dots (with Maria Tamargo). Magento-optics of type-II quantum dots. Excitonic Aharonov-Bohm effect.
Lancellotti, Carlo
Lazaridis, Themis
Theoretical and computational biophysical chemistry
Lépine, Sébastien
Astrophysics, astronomy, kinematics (motions) of the nearby stars, subdwarfs
Levine, Alfred M.
Li, Xiangdong
Liebovitch, Larry S.
Interdisciplinary application of physics to biological and social systems. Data analysis and mathematical modeling of gene expression, biological and electronic epidemics, drug interactions, heart arrhythmias, economics, psychotherapy, social interactions, conflicts, and sustainable peace.
Lim, Hyungsik
Biophysics, imaging/microscopy, nonlinear optics.
Liss, Tony M.
High energy experimental particle physics, physics of the top quark, physics of the Higgs Boson.
Lisyansky, Alexander A.
Condensed matter theory
Liu, Charles Tsun-Chu
Colliding galaxies, starburst galaxies, and the star formation history of the universe
Loverde, Sharon M.
Molecular dynamics of polymers and biopolymers.
Lubell, Michael S.
Experimental programs: uv and soft x-ray interactions with two-electron atomic systems and simple molecules; spin-dependence in atomic interactions.
Lucia, Marcello
Nonlinear problems that arise in mathematical physics, differential geometry and in some models of chemotaxis, with emphasis on the question of existence and uniqueness of solutions.
Lynch, Kevin R.
Data acqusition and analysis, detector and beam transport simulations, and eletronics and control software for data acquisition.
Maitra, Neepa T.
Theory, DFT(s).
Makse, Hernan A.
Complex networks, soft matter physics.
Malinsky, Joseph
Maller, Ariyeh H.
Cosmology, galaxy formation, gravitational lensing, quasar absorption systems.
Mananga, Eugene S.
My research interests spanned a variety of areas including but not limited to condensed matter physics, medical physics, radiological sciences and nuclear medicine. Currently, I am focused on advancing theory, simulation and methodology in spin dynamics, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), and quantum physics.
Marathe, Kishore B.
Differential geometry and theoretical physics, with special interest in gauge field theories and gravity
Massa, Louis J.
Quantum crystallography
McKernan, Desmond B.
Accretion disks, black hole physics, gravitational waves, aperture masking interferometry, X-ray astrophysics
Menon, Vinod M.
Photonics, 2D materials, QED - experiment, metamaterials.
Meriles, Carlos A.
Manipulation of paramagnetic defects for quantum information processing and spintronics as well as for nanoscale sensing.
Miyano, Ken E.
X-ray studies of solid state materials, surfaces and interfaces, physics education
Moreno, Carlos J.
Murokh, Lev
Nair, V. Parameswaran
Theoretical and Mathematical Physics High Energy and Elementary Particle Physics
Nakarmi, Mim Lai
Wide bandgap semiconductor material synthesis, and characterization for photonic applications.
O'Dowd J., Matthew
The physics of quasar accretion disks out outflows through microlensing analysis of gravitationally lensed quasars.
Oganesyan, Vadim
Theoretical condensed matter physics; magnetism, superconductivity, far out of equilibrium dynamics.
Orland, Peter
Gauge theory, theoretical particle physics, quantum field theory, quantum integrability, quark confinement
Ossola, Giovanni
Theoretical Particle Physics, phenomenological predictions of the Standard Model Numerical techniques for the evaluation of scattering amplitudes (NLO multi-leg)
Displaying results 51-100 (of 138)
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