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  • Alexandra Ioannidou (PhD 2012) | email
    The Syntax of non-verbal Causation: The Causative Apomorphy of ‘from’ in Greek and Germanic Languages.
    Committee members: Profs. Marcel den Dikken (Chair), Christina Tortora, William McClure
  • Deirdre Quinn (PhD 2012) | email
    Effects of L1 Spanish and L2 English sublexical and lexical processing on English L2 word reading speed and accuracy, and reading comprehension.
    Committee members:Profs. Eva Fernandez (Chair), Elaine Klein, and Martin Chodorow

  • Tomonori Nagano (PhD 2012) | email
    Acquisition of English verb transitivity by native speakers of Japanese..
    Committee members: Profs. Martin Chodorow (Chair), Gita Martohardjono, and William McClure

  • Leigh Garrison-Fletcher (PhD 2012) |  email
    The Acquisition of L2 Reading Comprehension: The Relative Contribution of Linguistic Knowledge and Existing Reading Ability.
    Committee members: Profs. Gita Martohardjono (Chair), Ricardo Otheguy, and Martin Chodorow

  • Lidiya Tornyova (PhD 2011)
    Input Consistency in the Acquisition of Questions in Bulgarian and English: A Hypothesis Testing Model
    Advisor: Virginia Valian

  • Ronit Webman (PhD 2011)
    Prosody and Parsing in a Double PP Construction in Hebrew
    Advisor: Janet Fodor

  • Chi-Chen Bredeche (PhD 2011) | email
    The Use of LE by L1 Chinese Speakers and the Acquisition of LE by L2 Chinese Learners
    Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

  • Lucia Pozzan (PhD 2011)
    Asking Questions in Learner English: First and Second Language Acquisition of Main and Embedded Interrogative Structures
    Advisor: Virginia Valian

  • Mieko Sperbeck (PhD 2010)
    The acquisition of consonant clusters by Japanese learners of English: Interactions of speech perception and production.
    Advisor: Winifred Strange

  • Hala Abdelghany (PhD 2010) Prosodic phrasing and modifier attachment in standard Arabic sentence processing. Advisor: Janet Fodor

  • Martin Port (PhD 2010)
    Omitted Arguments and Complexity of Predication. Advisor: William McClure

  • Didem Koban (PhD 2010) | email
    Overt vs. Null subject pronoun variation in the Turkish spoken in Turkey and in NYC. Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Marisa Monteleone (PhD 2009) Effects of first language voicing rules on the perception and production of English obstruent sequences by adult Hungarian and Polish learners of English. Advisor: Winifred Strange

  • Malgorzata Szupica-Pyrzanowki (PhD 2009)
    Morphological and phonological contributions to the production of verbal inflection in adult L2 learners and patients with agrammatic aphasia.
    Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

  • Shukhan Ng (PhD 2009 | Current Affiliation: University of Texas at San Antonio)
    Processing Chinese Empty Catagories. Advisor: Janet Fodor

  • Amit Shaked (PhD 2009)
    Attachment ambiguity in Hebrew complex nominals: Prosody and parsing
    Advisor: Janet Fodor

  • Xuan-Nga Cao (previously Cao-Kam) (PhD 2009) | email
    Contributions of Statistical Induction To Models of Syntax Acquisition. Advisor: Janet Fodor

  • Erika Troseth (PhD 2009)
    Adicity and Reference: Middle voice and its components.
    Advisor: Robert Fiengo

  • Mamori (Sugita) Hughes (PhD 2009)
    Japanese -te iru and -te aru : The aspectual implications of the stage-level and individual-level distinction.
    Advisor: William McClure

  • Yukiko Koizumi (PhD 2009) Processing the Not-Because Ambiguity in English: The Role of Pragmatics and Prosody. Advisor: Janet Fodor

  • Gabriella Morvay (PhD 2009) The Processing of Complex Syntax and its Relation to Second Language Reading Comprehension. Advisor: Elaine Klein

  • Kaori Furuya (PhD 2009) The DP Hypothesis Through the Lens of Japanese Nominal Collocation Constructions. Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

  • Fran Gulinello (PhD 2009) The Acquisition of an L2 Vowel system: A Longitudinal Investigation. Advisor: Charles Cairns

  • Stephanie Solt (PhD 2009 | current affiliation: ZAS Berlin; Web site; Email)
    The semantics of adjectives of quantity.
    Advisor: William McClure

  • Neisha (White) Ziehmke (PhD 2008)
    Increasing efficacy in academic English instruction: A case study seeking the correct balance between contrastive analysis focus on form and sociolinguistic awareness raising.
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Rachel Szekely (PhD 2008 | current affiliation: Long Island University)
    A second route to truth: feature-placing, existence, and the interpretation of there-sentences.
    Advisor: Robert Fiengo

  • Jed Shahar (PhD 2008 | current affiliation: Queensborough Community College)
    What some its are: Non-referential it, extraposition, and copies.
    Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

  • Mari Fujimoto (PhD 2008 | current affiliation: Hofstra University and Queens College)
    L1 acquisition of Japanese particles: A corpus-based study
    Advisor: William McClure

  • Eric Stenshoel (PhD 2008) The Theta Parameter: Syntax Under a Radical UTAH. Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

  • Tomoyuki Yabe (PhD 2007 | current affiliation: Queens College)
    The morpho-syntax of complex verbal expressions in the Horn of Africa
    Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

  • Tanya Viger (PhD 2007)
    Fundamental frequency in Mandarin Chinese an English: Implications for second-language speakers
    Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

  • Ronald Simon (PhD 2007 - Labor & Industry for Education) email
    A Platonic conception of language
    Advisor: Robert Fiengo

  • Michael Horwitz (PhD 2007)
    Genetic and areal stability of phrasal word order and its potential as a typological marker
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Eulalia Canals (PhD 2007)
    The acquisition of tense and aspect by Moroccan learners of L2 Catalan and Spanish in Barcelona public schools
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy
    Current Affiliation: Postdoctoral Researcher, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Department of Language Didactics in the Faculty of Education. Member of GREIP research group

  • Naomi Lapidus Shin (PhD 2006 | current email)
    The development of null vs. overt subject pronoun expression in monolingual Spanish-speaking children: The influence of continuity of reference
    Advisor: Helen Smith Cairns
    Current affiliation: Assistant Professor of Spanish & Linguistics, Dept. of Linguistics and Dept. of Spanish/Portuguese. The University of New Mexico.  Albuquerque, NM 87131

  • Mary Sepp (PhD 2006 | current emaill)
    Phonological constraints and free variation in compounding: A corpus study of English and Estonian noun compounds
    Advisor: Martin Chodorow

  • Alison Gabriele (PhD 2005 | current email | current affiliation: University of Kansas)
    The acquisition of aspect in a second language: A bidirectional study of learners of English and Japanese
    Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

  • Peter Slomanson (PhD 2005 | current email | current affiliation: Aarhus Universitet, Denmark)
    The verbal morphosyntax of non-canonical contact languages: Malay-derived constraints and the inflectional domain in Afrikaans and Sri Lankan Malay
    Advisor: Edward Bendix

  • Miki Suzuki (PhD 2005 | current email | current affiliation: Microsoft)
    Clause stacking and antisymmetry in Japanese relative clauses
    Advisor: Robert Fiengo

  • Gerald Dempsey (PhD 2004)
    Glottal effects in Icelandic phonology
    Advisor: Charles E Cairns

  • Eiji Nishimoto (PhD 2004)
    A corpus-based delimitation of new words: Cross-segment comparison and morphological productivity
    Advisor: Dianne Bradley

  • Ruth Reeves (PhD 2004 | current affiliation: Vanderbilt University)
    The meanings of personal pronouns: de se interpretation of long-distance anaphora in Icelandic and other languages
    Advisor: William McClure

  • Maurizio Santoro (PhD 2004)
    Mastery of Italian accusative and dative clitics by English speaking college students
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Nora Ellen Aion (PhD 2003)
    Selected topics in Nootka and Tubatulabal phonology
    Advisor: Charles E Cairns

  • Daniel Chapuis (PhD 2003)
    On the role of Malagasy in the creation of the vernaculars of reunion
    Advisor: Edward Bendix

  • Antonino Gulli (PhD 2003 | current affiliation: Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus)
    Phrasal Reduplication in Syntax
    Advisors: Marcel den Dikken and Richard Kayne

  • Kathy Kessler (PhD 2003)
    ERP correlates of word order and morphosyntactic phenomena in adult native speakers and second language learners of English
    Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

  • Mana Kobuchi-Philip (PhD 2003 | current email | current affiliation: University of Utrecht)
    Distributivity and the Japanese Floating Numeral Quantifier
    Advisor: Robert Fiengo

  • Nenad Lovric (PhD 2003)
    Implicit prosody in silent readings: Relative clause attachment in Croatian
    Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

  • Keiko Uehara (PhD 2003 | current affiliation: Gunma University)
    Center-embedding and nominative repetition in Japanese sentence processing
    Advisor: Dianne Bradley

  • Maria Vicenta Blasco Aznar (PhD 2002)
    On the acquisition of object pronominal clitics in Spanish
    Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

  • Nydia Flores (PhD 2002)
    Subject personal pronouns in Spanish narratives of Puerto Ricans in New York City: A variationist study
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Gail August (PhD 2001) current affiliation: Hostos Community College)
    The road to second language reading: How do we get there?
    Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

  • Dwijen Bhattacharjya (PhD 2001)
    The genesis and development of Nagamese: Its social history and linguistic structure
    Advisor: Edward Bendix

  • Linda A. Pelc (PhD 2001 | current affiliation: LaGuardia Community College)
    L1 lexical, morphology and morphosyntactic attrition in Greek-English bilinguals
    Advisor: Gita Martohardjono

  • Ivy Sichel (PhD 2001 - Hebrew University) email | website
    Studies in the syntax of pronouns and features with particular reference to Hebrew
    Advisor: Marcel den Dikken

  • Stephanie Smolinsky (PhD 2001)
    Brilliance, energy and size in vowels: A cross-linguistic study of phonetic symbolism
    Advisor: Edward Bendix

  • Nancy Stern (PhD 2001 City College of New York, CUNY) email | website
    The meaning and use of English -self pronouns
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Eva Fernandez (PhD 2000 email affiliation: Queens College/CUNY Graduate Center)
    Bilingual sentence processing: Relative clause attachment in English and Spanish
    Advisor: Dianne Bradley

  • Christina Mary de Kleine (PhD 1999)
    A morphosyntactic analysis of Surinamese Dutch as spoken by the Creole population of Paramaribo, Suriname
    Advisor: William Stewart

  • Janine Graziano-King (PhD 1999 | Current affiliation: Kingsborough Community College)
    Acquisition of comparative forms in English
    Advisor: Helen S Cairns

  • Yuki Hirose (PhD 1999 | current affiliation: Tokyo University)
    Resolving reanalysis ambiguity in Japanese relative clauses
    Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

  • Robert Hollander (PhD 1999)
    MIGHT: Evidence and argument from negation and conjunction for an epistemic modality and its logical structure
    Advisor: Edward Bendix

  • Stanley Koike (PhD 1999)
    A Monosemy approach to the Japanese particle no: Functional categories as linkers and antisymmetry in natural language
    Advisor: William McClure

  • Barbara Bevington (PhD 1998)
    Indexical expressions: Syntax and context
    Advisor: Robert Fiengo

  • Gerardo A Lorenzino (PhD 1998)
    The Angolar Creole Portuguese of Sao Tome: Its grammar and sociolinguistic history
    Advisor: John Holm

  • Jose Antonio Mendez (PhD 1998)
    Stress and glides in Spanish syllable structure
    Advisor: William Stewart

  • Albert W Romano (PhD 1998)
    Gender and language: A Goodwin look at Lakoff
    Advisor: Charles E Cairns

  • Francisco Ordonez (PhD 1997 | current affiliation: SUNY Stony Brook)
    Word order and clause structure in Spanish and other Romance languages
    Advisor: Richard Kayne

  • Jiaye Xie (PhD 1997)
    Processing NP-trace and reflexives in Chinese
    Advisor: Janet Dean Fodor

  • Marianne Janko Washburn (PhD 1998)
    Non-primary language acquisition of word order in German

  • Eleanor Olds Batchelder (PhD 1997)
    Computational evidence for the use of frequency information in discovery of the infant's first lexicon

  • Heliana Ribeiro De Mello (PhD 1997)
    The genesis and development of Brazilian vernacular Portuguese

  • Iris Elisha (PhD 1997)
    Functional categories and null subjects in Hebrew and child Hebrew

  • Rhoda Gilbert (PhD 1997)
    Integrating the methods and strategies of conversational analysis

  • Katherine Reese Green (PhD 1997)
    Non-standard Dominican Spanish : evidence of partial restructuring

  • Ingeborg Lasser (PhD 1997)
    Finiteness in adult and child German

  • Francisco Ordonez (PhD 1997 | current affiliation: SUNY Stony Brook)
    Word order and clause structure in Spanish and other Romance languages

  • Irina A. Sekerina (PhD 1997 | current affiliation: College of Staten Island/CUNY Graduate Center)
    The syntax and processing of scrambling constructions in Russian

  • Marcia Babbitt (PhD 1996)
    Lexical acquisition in second language learning

  • Carol Montgomery (PhD 1996)
    Conversation closings : the effects of gender, ethnicity and social proximity

  • Rosalie Schwartz (PhD 1996)
    Discourse dynamics of discriminatory practices in a job training situation

  • Sheila Meltzer (PhD 1995)
    Modularity : evidence from coreference processing in Spanis

  • Sharon L Utakis (PhD 1995)
    Quantification and definiteness in child grammar

  • Nina Wacholder (PhD 1995)
    Acquiring syntactic generalizations from positive evidence : an HPSG model

  • Joyce Blanchette Milambiling (PhD 1994) email affiliation: University of Northern Iowa
    On the same floor: a sociolinguistic study of a two-way bilingual program
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Deborah Mandelbaum (PhD 1994)
    Syntactic conditions on saturation

  • Shiwen Pan (PhD 1994)
    A sociolinguistic study of Mainland Putonghua and Taiwan Guoyu in New York City

  • Nava Ayala Shaked (PhD 1994)
    The treatment of phrasal verbs in a natural language processing system

  • Judy B Bernstein (PhD 1993 | current affiliation: William Patterson University )
    Topics in the syntax of nominal structure across romance

  • Jill Caryn Burstein (PhD 1992 | email | website | current affiliation: ETS)
    The stress and syntax of compound nominals
    Advisors: Bob Fiengo, Martin Chodorow, Richard Sproat

  • Clyde Coreil (PhD 1992)
    Fusion in language : a case for supralexical unit

  • Luisa C Garro (PhD 1992)
    Lexical access in bilinguals : the case of English-based Spanish calques

  • Arhonto Terzi (PhD 1992)
    Pro in finite clauses : a study of the inflectional heads of the Balkan languages

  • M. Sorie Yillah (PhD 1992)
    Temne phonology and morphology

  • Akua Duku Anokye (PhD 1991) email affiliation: Arizona State University, New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
    Linguistic form and social function : a discourse analysis of rhetorical and narrative structure in oral and written African American folk narrative texts
    Advisor: William Stewart

  • Kristine Cecilie Gjerlow-Johnson (PhD 1991)
    Metalinguistic abilities in literate adults

  • Tsutomu Sakamoto (PhD 1991)
    Processing empty subjects in Japanese : implications for the transparency hypothesis

  • Ken Sheppard (PhD 1991)
    At sea in SLA : evidence of UG in the acquisition of French and English verbs

  • Elaine C Klein (PhD 1990 | current affiliation: Queens College/ CUNY Graduate Center)
    The null-prep phenomenon in second language acquisition

  • Claudia Leacock (PhD 1990 | current affiliation: ETS)
    Lexically based parsing with application to infinitival control constructions in English

  • David Man (PhD 1990)
    The function of perception in the acquisition of non-native inflectional morphology : the case of the past in English

  • Thomas L Maxfield (PhD 1990)
    On the learnability of a version of generalized phrase structure grammar

  • Walter Petrovitz (PhD 1990)
    Argument opacity

  • Susan Jagendorf - Sobierajski (PhD 1988)
    The Influence of English on Contact Spanish: Preverbal Bare Subjects
    Advisor: Ricardo Otheguy

  • Cindy Greenberg (PhD 1987) | email
    Metalinguistic Awareness and Adult Literacy.
    Advisor: Charles Cairns

  • Dana McDaniel (PhD 1986)
    Conditions on Wh-Chains
    Advisor: Robert Fiengo

  • Wayne Cowart (PhD 1983)
    Reference relations and syntactic processing : evidence of a pronoun's influence on a syntactic decision that affects word naming

  • Walter T French (PhD 1983)
    Northern Naga : a Tibeto-Burman mesolanguage

  • Nina M Hyams (PhD 1983)
    The acquisition of parameterized grammars

  • Martin R Gitterman (PhD 1982)
    Grammatical complexity as a predictor of L2 performance

  • Martin S Harris (PhD 1982)
    The role of sentence context in the perception and production of internal open juncture

  • John Klosek (PhD 1982)
    Second language communication strategies and grammatical accuracy

  • Olga Romero (PhD 1982)
    Aspects of code-switching in bilingual children

  • Robert Lee Silvey (PhD 1982)
    Language, politics, and The Federalist : a linguistic approach to interpretation

  • Penny Willis (PhD 1982)
    The initial consonant mutations in the Brythonic Celtic languages

  • Evelyn P Altenberg (PhD 1981)
    Bilingual lexical retrieval

  • Edwin L Battistella (PhD 1981)
    Topics in the theory of inflection
    Advisor: Bob Fiengo

  • W. Neil Elliott (PhD 1981)
    Grammatical number

  • Jennifer Ryan Hsu (PhD 1981)
    The development of structural principles related to complement subject interpretation

  • Carolyn Panzer Sobel (PhD 1981)
    A generative phonology of Danish

  • Elsa Lattey (PhD 1980)
    Grammatical systems across languages : a study of participation in English, German and Spanish

  • Ellen Perecman (PhD 1980)
    Language realization in phonemic jargonaphasia : a case study

  • Miriam R Eisenstein (PhD 1979 | current affiliation: New York University)
    The development of dialect discrimination and stereotyping in adult learners of English as a second language
    Advisor: D. Terence Langendoen

  • Steven L Strauss (PhD 1979)
    Some principles of word structure in English and German

  • Anita Janda (PhD 1978)
    The linguistic analysis of the honey bee's dance language

  • Geoffrey Nunberg (PhD 1977)
    The pragmatics of reference

  • John S Ritter (PhD 1978)
    The status of Chomsky's theory of transformational generative grammar as a mentalist theory of language

  • Alan L Tusher (PhD 1978)
    The utilization of silent pauses in spontaneous speech by the listener

  • Mark H Feinstein (PhD 1977)
    The linguistic nature of prenasalization

  • Ricardo Otheguy (PhD 1977 | current affiliation: CUNY Graduate Center)
    The meaning of Spanish el, la and lo

  • Ruth Marion Graeme Ramsay (PhD 1977)
    Multilinguals and successful language learners : cognitive strategies and styles of approach to language learning in adults

  • Ben Schapiro (PhD 1977)
    English appositive structures and right movement

  • Rochele Berkovits (PhD 1975)
    The interaction of bias, context, and intonation in the perception of surface structure ambiguity

  • Georgette Ioup (PhD 1975)
    The treatment of quantifier scope in a transformational grammar

  • Zafrira Malisdorf (PhD 1975)
    Sentential complements in Hebrew

  • John Dore (PhD 1973)
    The development of speech acts

  • Nancy Kalish-Landon (PhD 1973) | email | website
    Professional's title as a demand characteristic : a potential methodological confound in language research

  • Martin David Pam (PhD 1973)
    Tigrinya phonology

  • Ernestine R Daniels (PhD 1972)
    The old French case system : a functional study

Master of Arts Graduates

  • Shannon Webb (2011)

  • Kathleen Richards (2011)

  • Ahmed Shamim (2011)

  • Iling Hsu (2011)

  • Sevil Gurlemis (2011)

  • Adam Hoss (2011)

  • Meghan Reutzel (2010)

  • Miki Nagai (2010)

  • Helen Sobolik (2009)

  • Seldina Galina (MA 2009)

  • Nathan Dummitt (MA 2009)

  • Steven Hoenisch (MA 2009)

  • Julie Saracino (2008)

  • Ichiro Kishimoto (MA 2008)

  • Atsuko Miyajima (MA 2008)

  • Jesse Meyerson (MA 2008)

  • Monica Casco (MA 2008)

  • (Kaushi) Muditha Perera (MA 2007)

  • Radica Capoor (MA 2005)

  • Daniel G Erker (MA 2005)

  • Erika Zoe Schutzman (MA 2005)

  • Chrysanthe Filippardos (MA 2004)

  • Gerald Dempsey (2004)

  • Eric Ford (MA 2004)

  • Kerri Smith (MA 2004)

  • Charles Braver (MA 2003)

  • Zina Finkelstein (2003)

  • Roberta Pikser (MA 2003)