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Degree Requirments

General degree requirements for all Graduate Center programs are available in the Graduate Center Bulletin.

Requirements for the distinct program tracks are available in the Earth & Environmental Sciences section of the Graduate Center Bulletin.



The First Examination Committee will be administered in January, 2012. Questions will be submitted to candidates on Friday, January 13, 2012. Typed answers will be due by Monday, January 23, 2012 at 5:00 pm. Oral exams will be scheduled for the week of February 6, 2012, depending on the availability of members of the examination committee.

Reading Lists


EES 709 Geographic Thought and Theory

EES 704 The Nature of Scientific Research


Cities and Urban Processes

Globalization and Uneven Development

Productions of Nature

Geographic Information Science and Spatial Methods

Health Geographies

Geographic Knowledge in Action (optional subfield)

Program Governance

Program Governance information will be posted shortly. Please check back soon for updates.

Recent Graduates

May 2011

Dr. Lee Hachadoorian
"Tiebout Sorting and Jurisdictional Homogeneity: Empirical Validity and Ethical
Advisor- Professor Jochen Albrecht- Hunter College

Dr. Jingyu Wang
"Phosphorus Transport in the Bronx River: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis"
Advisor- Professor Hari Pant - Lehman College

February 2011

Dr. Debjani Ghatak
"Cryospheric Teleconnections: The Response of Northern Hemisphere Snow to the
Atmospheric and Arctic Sea Ice Variations"
Advisor- Professor Allan Frei- Hunter College

Dr. Cristina Notaro
"The Interfaith Center: The Construction and Consequence of Interfaith Space"
Advisor- Professor Marianna Pavlovskaya- Hunter College

September 2010

Dr. Shihyan Lee
"Characterizing: Vegetation Structure and Biomass Using Lidar Remote Sensing"
Advisor- Professor Wenge Ni-Meister- Hunter College

Dr. Andrew Maroko
"Chronic: Exposure to Fine Particulate Matter and Heart Failure in New York City: A
Methodological Exploration of Environmental Justice and Health"
Advisor- Professor Julianna Maantay- Lehman College

June 2010

Dr. Yumiko Iwasaki
"Systematics on Viaphacops Maxim ova, 1972 from Bolivia and Paleobiogeography of the
Subfamily Phacopinae Hawle & Corda, 1847 for the Lower and Middle Devonian, with a Particular
Emphasis on the Genus Paciphacops Maximova, 1972" '
Advisor- Professor Niles Eldredge- AMNH

Dr. Scott Larson
"Building Like Moses with Jacobs in Mind: Redevelopment Politics in the Bloomberg
Advisor- Professor Neil Smith- Graduate Center

Dr. Robert Bradford Stewart
''Toward a Spatial Understanding ofLatin American Immigrant worker Population Fatalities"
Advisor- Professor Ines Miyares - Hunter College

Dr. QiangYang
"Arsenic in Fractured Bedrock Aquifers in Greater Augusta, Marine USA"
Advisor- Professor Yang Zheng - Queens College

September 2009

Dr. Ylli Kellici
"An Analysis of the Performance of Public Elementary Schools in New York City During
2001-2005 from a Geographical Perspective"
Advisor- Professor Sean Ahearn- Hunter College

Dr. Hun Bok Jung
"Fate, Reaction and Transport of Groundwater Arsenic During Discharge to Waquoit Bay,
USA and Meghna River, Bangladesh"
Advisor- Professor Y an Zheng- Queens College

February 2009

Dr. Angelos Lampousis
"Electrical Resistivity Imaging Study of Near-Surface Infiltration"
Advisor- Professor Patricia Kenyon - City College

Dr. Philip C. Laporta
"The Stratigraphy and Structure of the Cambrian and Ordovician Chert Bearing Carbonates
of the Wallkill River Valley: The Stratigraphic Nature of the Chert and teir Archaeological
Advisor - Professor Hannes Brueckner - Queens College

Dr. Gordon Gruys Hinshalwood
"Biodegradation of Fuel, Oxygenates in Northeastern United States Aquifers with an
Analysis of Underground Storage Tank Leaks"
Advisor- Professor David Locke - Queens College

September 2008

Dr. Noureddin Amaach
ยท"The Sedimentology, Mineralogy and Metal Contamination of Sediments in the Apex of the
New York Bight, NY, USA: An Integrated Laboratory and Field Study of Trace Metal Behavior in
an Urban Estuary.
Advisor- Professor Stephen Aja- Brooklyn College

Dr. Robert H.S. Applebaum
"Paleoclimate Signal from the Late Eocene New Jersey Continental Slope: A Multi-Proxy
Advisor- Professor Cecilia McHugh- Queens College

Dr. Jun Tu
"Assessing the Impact of Long-Term Land Use Changes on Water Quality in Eastern
Advisor- Professor Zong-Guo Xia - Lehman College