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Core Faculty

Arsovska, Jana
Research Methods I and II

Kazemian, Lila
Criminological Theory I and II

Lawton, Brian
Quantitative Methods I & II

McCoy, Candace
Criminal Justice Process & Policy I and II

Mellow, Jeff

Na, Chongmin

Sung, Hung-En
Research Methods I and II

Criminal Justice Faculty

Adamczyk, Amy
Religion, Deviance and Crime, Sociological Theory, Health
Andreopoulos, George
War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity & Genocide
Arsovska, Jana
International Criminal Justice, Criminology Sociology
Barberet, Rosemary
Crime Indicators, Violence Against Women, Gender and Crime, Cross-Cultural Methodology
Booker, Teresa A.
Restorative Justice, Policy Implementation, African Indigenous Courts, Access to Education
Brotherton, David
Juvenile Crime & Justice, Gangs, Qualitative Research, Ethnographic Methods in Criminal Justice
Butts, Jeffrey A.
Evaluation of Policies and Programs, especially designed to prevent and reduce youth crime.
Calkins, Cynthia
Sexual Offending, Sexual Violence Policy and Prevention, Sex Crime Legislation
Celinska, Katarzyna
Violence Prevention, Corrections and Gender
Cohen, Shuki
Psychology and Criminology
Crossman, Angela
Memory Development, Child Suggestibility, Child Witness Accuracy & Credibility, Deception & False Beliefs
Curtis, Ric
Qualitative Research Methods
Fondacaro, Mark R.
Procedural and Distributive Justice, Multicultural Competence and Decision Making, Ecological Jurisprudence, Family Conflict Resolution, and Juvenile Justice
Freilich, Joshua D.
Causes of & Responses to Terrorism, Environmental Criminology, Measurement Issues
Gottdiener, William
Psychotherapeutic Treatments for Severe Psychopathology, Underlying Psychological Processes Involved in Comorbid Substance Use Disorders and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Education and Training Issues in Psychology Generally and Cinical Psychology Broadly
Green, David
Crime and the Media, Crime and Public Opinion, Crime and Political Culture, Comparative Criminology, Sentencing, Sociology of Punishment, Qualitative Methods
Guastaferro, Wendy
Courts, Behavioral Health Treatment and Policy
Haberfeld, Maria (Maki)
Policing with Emphasis on Comparative, Training, Leadership, Integrity and Ethics, Comparative Criminal Justice, Counter-Terrorism
Jones-Brown, Delores
Race & Crime, Race & the Administration of Justice, Sociology of Law, Juvenile Justice, Legal Socialization of Adolescent Males
Kassin, Saul
Psychology and the law, Trial Procedure, Police Interrogation & Confessions, Eyewitness Identification & Testimony
Kazemian, Lila
Life-course and Criminal Career Research, Desistance from Crime, Prisoner Reentry, Comparative Research
Khan, Bilal
Networks, Computer Security, Digital Forensics, Wireless Communications, Modeling and Simulation in Anthropology, Criminal Justice, and Epidemiology
Koetzle, Deborah
Corrections, Drug Courts, Risk/Need Assessment, Program Evaluation
Kovera, Margaret
Eyewitness Identification, Jury and Judge Decision Making, Scientific Evidence
Lawton, Brian
Crime and Place, Intersection of Health and Criminal Justice, GIS
Majic, Samantha
Qualitative Methods, Sex Work / Sex Industry
Mandery, Evan J.
Capital Punishment, Evidence Law & Ethics
Maras, Marie-Helen
Cybercrime, Transnational Terrorism, Transnational Security, Surveillance
Martin, Karin
Criminal Justice Debt, Law & Society, Intersection of Psychology, Race, & Punishment, Multi-Method Research Design, Sentencing, Public Policy, and Policy, Oversight & Administration
Maxfield, Michael
Environmental Criminology, Research Methods, Policing, and Policy, Oversight & Administration
McCoy, Candace
Police and Municipal Governance, Courts, Law and Society, Plea Bargaining and Sentencing
Mellow, Jeff
Issues in Correctional Policy, Practice and Organizational Effectiveness, Community Corrections, Reentry, Evaluation of Criminal Justice Programs, Critical Incidents in Prisons and Jails
Mooney, Jayne
Gender and Violence, Feminist Criminology, European Criminology, Victimology
Na, Chongmin
Life-Course Criminology, Program Evaluation, Quantitative Methods
Natarajan, Mangai
Criminological Theory, Crime Analysis and Crime Mapping, Cross-Cultural Studies in Criminal Justice, Drug Trafficking, Policing, Comparative Cross-Cultural Research, International Criminal Justice and Violence against Women
O’Connor, Maureen
Law & Psychology, Intersection of Psychology, Gender & Law, Scientific Evidence, Mental Health, Law & Policy
Ocejo, Richard E.
Urban Sociology and Urban Theory, Culture, Cultural Economy, Community Studies, Ethnography/Qualitative Methods, Public Space Work
Opotow, Susan
Penrod, Steven
Legal Decision Making, Jury Decision Making, Eye Witness Reliability, Media Effects
Petrossian, Gohar
Environmental Criminology, Wildlife Crime, Problem-Oriented Policing, Spatial Analysis of Crime
Piza, Eric
GIS Mapping, Evidence-Base Policing, Program Evaluation, Crime Control Technology
Pontell, Henry N.
Deviance and Social Control, White-Collar and Corporate Crime, Punishment and Criminal Justice System Capacity Issues, Financial and Health Care Fraud, Identity Theft, Comparative Criminology, and Cyber Crime
Porter, Jeremy
Quantitative Methods/Statistics, Ecological Criminology, Neighborhood Effects, Spatial Analysis of Social Data, Inequalities and Stratification
Rajah, Valli
Race and Ethnic Relations, Intimate Partner Violence, Sociological Theory & Substance Use
Salfati, Gabrielle
Offender Profiling, Homicide, Sexual Offences, Research Methodology
Schlesinger, Louis B.
Criminal Behavior & Homicides
Shane, Jon M.
Police Policy and Practice, Violent Crime, and Situational Crime Prevention, Theoretical Interests include Routine Activities, Social Disorganization and Environmental Criminology
Strozier, Charles
American History with Special Interests in the History of Violence and the New Terrorism, Psychohistory and Lincoln and the Civil War
Sullivan, Larry
Advanced Criminology, Theory & punishment, Prison Reform
Sung, Hung-En
Substance Abuse and Treatments, Political Corruption, Policing, Comparative Criminal Justice, and Program Evaluation
Terry, Karen
Sexual Abuse, Victimization, Sex Offender Policy
Travis, Jeremy
Prisoner Reentry, Criminal Justice Policy, Corrections Policy and Impact of Incarceration
Trimbur, Lucia
Race and Racisms, Gender, Urban Sociology and Inequality, The Sociology of Crime and Punishment, Sport Occupational Health, and Ethnographic Field Methods
Ungar, Mark
Criminal Justice Policy, Inspection and Oversight
Varsanyi, Monica W.
Immigration/Immigrant Law, Politics, Policy (including implementation) at the Local, State, and Federal Levels in the United States, Law and Society, Urban Politics and Policy
West, Valerie
Criminal Justice, Sociology
Widom, Cathy Spatz
Psychology, Quantitative Research Methods
Yu, Sung-suk Violet
Environmental Criminology, Correctional Health, Spatial Pattern Analysis, Crime Prevention
Zapf, Patricia A.
Forensic Psychology, Competencies (criminal and civil) and Decision Making Capacity, Forensic Assessment, Development and Validation of Forensic Assessment Instruments, Psychometrics, Insanity

Policy, Oversight, & Administration Faculty

Benton, Warren “Ned”
Public Administration, Organizational Theory, Corrections, Computer & Criminal Justice
Brown, Heath
Public Policy Process, Justice Policy, Interest Groups, Immigration, NonProfit Studies
Colvin, Roddrick A.
Public Management, Employment policy, hate crimes, gay rights
Guastaferro, Wendy
Courts, Behavioral Health Treatment and Policy
Kennedy, David
Crime Prevention Strategies, Policing, Gangs & Deterrence, Policy, Oversight and Administration
Koetzle, Deborah
Corrections, Drug Courts, Risk/Need Assessment, Program Evaluation
Mameli, Peter
Inspection and Oversight, Public Management
Markus, Keith A.
Test Validity, Program Evaluation, Discourse, Organizational Structure & Change, Interpretation of Statistical & Causal Models and Policy, Oversight and Administration
Martin, Karin
Criminal Justice Debt, Law & Society, Intersection of Psychology, Race, & Punishment, Multi-Method Research Design, Sentencing, Public Policy, and Policy, Oversight & Administration
O’Hara, Patrick
Organization & Management
Raghavan, Chitra
Intimiate Partner Homicide, Intimate Partner Rape, Femicide and Policy, Oversight and Administration
Rubin, Marilyn Marks
Economics and Crime, Measurement of Crime
Schwester, Richard W.
Public Management, Organization Theory and Management, Research Methods

Forensic Science Faculty

Carpi, Anthony
Environmental and Forensic Toxicology
Hoffman, Donald
Forensic Toxicology and Chemistry
Kobilinsky, Lawrence
Molecular Biology, Biology, Forensic DNA Analysis
Kubic, Thomas
Chemical Instrumentation, Electron Microscopy, Light Microscopy, Scientific Evidence
Li, Richard
Forensic Science, Forensic Biology and Molecular Biology
Petraco, Nicholas D. K.
Statistical Pattern Recognition of Trace Evidence, Quantum Chemistry, and Mathematical Chemical Physics
Prinz, Mechthild
Forensic Genetics, Forensic Biomarkers, Crime Laboratory Ethics and Quality Assurance
Reffner, John
Developing Microscopy, Microanalysis and Imaging Technology & Exploring their Utility in Forensic Science